What is Double D Garage?  Is it a garage showcasing well-endowed females?  Double D Garage, derived from DD Garage, is the backyard garage of Dat Dam, located somewhere in El Monte, CA.  The blog is a joint project by Eric and Dat, primarily detailing and illustrating our lives in the Southern California import car scene.  It also discusses Dat’s urban street fashion as well as our culinary habits.

The blog is mostly written by Dat, as Eric is too “busy” (or as Dat says: lazy) to post.  Eric works in the IT (information technology) industry as a system administrator so he handles all the technical aspects of the blog.

Dat has built and retired his 2003 Kandy Red Subaru WRX show car.  It is equipped with Work Emotions and Greddy bolt-ons.  Eric is currently working on a 2004 Acura RSX Type-S show and track car.  Some of the most rare and sought after JDM tuning parts power the RSX as it gets thrashed at Buttonwillow Raceway and the local canyon roads.

We hope you enjoy reading about lives and thoughts!  Thank you!

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