As you guys probably have noticed, I haven’t really been active these days. Focusing on work, living healthier, and traveling have become much more important to me than spending money on my car. In January, I went on my first real vacation: I spent two nights in Miami, followed by a 7 day cruise in the western Caribbean. I had a lot of time to think on my vacation and I realized my priorities in life needed to be changed or have been changing.

Anyways, I still need to get my car fixed. Ever since I got my ITBs installed, the drive-ability and street-ability have been below my expectations. Sure, for street driving, the car gets me around. However, being a perfectionist, I don’t feel confident running my setup and tune on the track.

I finally got around to pick up an AEM standalone, wideband, and MAP sensor from Bisimoto. A big thank you to my buddy, Robert at Falken Tire, for connecting me with Bisimoto. And thank you to Julio and Bisimoto for hooking it up. I’m hoping to get everything installed and tuned in a month or so. Hopefully, I can get out to the track by the summer!

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