Motion: Part 1

Well, this is more of a “few shots of my car and the Falken Tire booth” than a “Part 1″.  You’ll have to excuse the sub-par picture quality of my Motion coverage.  My Canon XTi has a max ISO of 1600, which isn’t sufficient for the indoor lighting and also results in extremely grainy pictures.  Some of the pictures were shot with a 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens but the XTi’s limitation resulted in grain and motion blur.  For the non-photographers, it basically means my camera sucks and I need a better one, LOL!  Moving on…

Here’s my obligatory few paragraphs on Double D Garage and friends’ awards at Motion.  For Motion’s “inaugural” (and seemingly very successful) show, I was very honored in taking 2nd place Acura.  When I say “inaugural”, it’s because the original Spocom staff split from their original management, Pro-Motion Distributing.  The original Spocom staff continued Spocom with their Anaheim venue couple weeks ago.  The original management, Pro-Mo, continued the venue as the Motion Auto Show.  Anyways, here’s a list of Double D Garage’s winners and friends.

2nd Place Acura: Falken Tire’s (me) DC5
Best Mitsubishi: Kelvin’s DoLuck Evo
Best JDM: Kelvin’s DoLuck Evo
3rd Place Nissan: Peter and Theresa’s LS1 S14
Best VIP: JonJon’s IS350

A big congratulations to Autofashion and Peter’s new “team”, 1Up, for a successful sweep of many trophies.  I’m a tad bit surprised 1Up didn’t take a team trophy because it was pretty clear (even to the MC) that they took home a ton of trophies.

Carrying on and at last year’s Spocom, you guys might remember I was a booth car for Falken.  A week ago or so, Falken invited me again to be a booth car for Motion.  I felt pretty honored and stoked about this opportunity because I imagined vendors, in general, would want a “new and fresh” booth car.

Here’s a picture of my car and the Falken booth.  I think the Falken booth had the best spot of the show.  Between having the best spot, models, and critically acclaimed Hondas, I got a ton of exposure and attention that would have been impossible anywhere else in the show.  A big thank you to Bakari and Brian for making this happen for me!

Before I forget, I also want to thank Pro-Mo’s Paul Nguyen for taking care of Double D Garage’s press passes.  For someone that was running around and probably stressed, I really appreciated his effort in insuring everything went according to plan with my car and maintaining exemplary customer service.  Paul, I know you probably won’t read this but just wanted to put it out there!

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