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A few weeks back, I dropped my Kimber off with Jim Hoag at Hoag Gun Works.  Jim Hoag is ranked within the top 100 pistolsmiths in the United States.  He is also one of the most reputable and legendary 1911 pistolsmiths.  He’s OG.  Just Google him; his shop has been open since 1965.  Here are a few pictures of his shop and him.  These weren’t taken by me.  I shoulda brought my camera with me.

Anyways, I’ve had some reliability issues (occasional failure-to-feeds & failure-to-ejects) with my Kimber that I wanted resolved.  I dropped off my Kimber with Jim for a reliability package.  Basically, he checks the tolerances on gun, machines anything out of tolerance, and polishes some of the parts for better feeding and ejecting.  He quoted me 2 weeks for the job and finished it in 1.5 weeks.  A lot of top 1911 pistolsmiths are backed up months, some years, and others aren’t even taken on more work until they finish their backlog.  So to be quoted 2 weeks by a renouned 1911 specialist and finish in less than that is a godsend.

Here are some up close pictures of what he did.  According to him, the barrel was over hanging the feed ramp.  See how now the barrel is no longer hanging over the feed ramp?  That millimeter of gap between the barrel and feed ramp is supposed ot be there.   He also polished the feed ramp and throat for better feeding of the rounds.

He also said I had no extractor tension.  See that claw thingie?  That’s the extractor.  It pulls/extracts the shells after the bullet is shot out of the barrel.  The breechface wasn’t straight.  He straightened it out and polished it for better feeding.

I haven’t tried out the gun yet so I can’t really comment if the reliability packaged worked.  It will probably be a several months of heavy shooting (~1000 rounds) before I can really come to that conclusion.  Anyways, I was pretty impressed with Jim Hoag’s work.  I’ve seen a lot of hack jobs when it comes to 1911 throat jobs and polishing.  As you can tell from the pictures, it looks like factory craftsmanship and work.  I guess that might not be a good comparison since I’m not that impressed with Kimber’s factory work.

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