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Racing Pedigree

This is Toda Racing’s TR-FX01 engine. It is an 2.0L original design engine by Toda for Formula 3 racing. If you look closely, it’s also running Fightex suspension.

Pretty amazing that I can say my Toda header, ITBs, Fightex coilovers, etc… come from Formula (and GT) racing pedigree.


I just got back from Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.  Since my last track day at Buttonwillow, I’ve added new tires, suspension, and camshafts.  My new Falken RT615Ks don’t just have more grip than the original RT615s, they have so much more grip.  I was pretty stoked to shave off 2 seconds from my best lap time with every passing session (6 seconds total).  Oh, and 255 up front and 235 in the rear is just win.

It’s also the first time I tried out my Toda Fightex Type-DA coilovers out on the track.  The best way to describe the Fightex is 1.) so easy to drive and 2.) so much more grip than my previous set of coilovers.

Stock Type-S cams made peak power at like 7000 RPMs.  When you heel toe into 3rd gear at 6000 RPMs with stock cams, the motor didn’t feel like it made any power.  Stock cams seem to give you couple thousand RPMs so you could just keep your foot down.  Toda A3 cams made a huge difference.  At every heel toe, the motor kept making “torque-y” power up to redline (and presumably beyond).  I was able to keep up with a lot of high horsepower cars (M3s, Evos, etc…) out of turns and on the main straights because of the A3 cams.  I met a professional Australian motorcycle racing driver who owned the below Mustang Boss 302.  He was pretty surprised how quick my car was and even more surprised when I told him my power output was around 250 HP.

Anyways, enough about me raving about my new mods and onto the pictures.

My new GPS system.

Hunting down a few cars.