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Jerry’s R32

This is Jerry’s R32 at last year’s Autocon.  Motor makes 730 WHP on 91 octane; 814 WHP on VP MS109.  Motor is built by SP Engineering.  It’s full HKS motor, Ohlins suspension, Brembo GT brakes, Recaro seats, and Amy Fay.

IPS Intake Manifold

When the IPS intake manifold was first introduced in 2006 or so, it was a $2000 intake manifold that promised better gains than ITBs. However, you don’t see that many of them floating around because of IPS’ poor business practices.

Many IPS customers had pre-ordered and paid in full for the intake manifold. Five years later, these customers still haven’t received their intake manifold or a refund. Hell, customers were lucky to even communicate with Ron, the owner of IPS.  This can be verified with Google or a search on Anyways, here are a few pictures of the “rare” IPS intake manifold.

Naturally Aspirated K26

Holy shit!  402 hp & 290 ft-lb from a naturally aspirated stroked/bored K24 to 2.6L.  To give you an basis of comparison, this is more power than a K20/K24 with a Greddy/HKS turbo kit or Comptech/Jackson supercharger.


So yesterday afternoon, my friend and I went to go shooting. During signing in, I noticed a solo Hispanic guy trying to rent a gun.  The guy looked quiet and “broken”, kinda like someone who just got fired/divorced.  Anyways, LA Gun Club won’t let you rent a gun when you’re by yourself.  The idea behind it is you’re less likely to commit suicide in the present of a friend.  Some other dude came in with him and helped the Hispanic dude rent a gun.

I’m doing my thing in stall 4 and the Hispanic dude is in stall 3.  In the middle of my shooting, I hear a loud THUD. At first, I thought someone dropped his gun so I figured (since LA Gun Club is ghetto and in Skid Row) I’d stop and make sure everything is safe.  I put down my gun, leaned out to check what’s going on, and I see a body on the ground and blood everywhere. My friend was right behind me, waiting for me to finish my mag, and kinda saw the entire thing.

I kinda went into WTF/shock/panic mode.  First, I went from OMFG, I did something stupid and shot him somehow, my bullet ricocheted and hit him, etc…  Then, I was like oh shit, there might be an active shooter in here so I grabbed my friend and kinda ran to the door of the shooting line.  I realized we were the only people in the range (slow day) then it hit me that he committed suicide. After that, just grabbed all my shit quick and GTFO.

5 minutes afterwards, cops came in blazing, AR-15s, 870s, handguns with X300s, all tacticool’ed out. I guess they were worried about an active shooter so I guess my concern of an active shooter was justified. LA Gun Club didn’t charge us today, so I guess that was kinda nice.

Sucks for the guy and the range. RIP.

I didn’t take any pictures of the crime scene because I felt it was bad taste.  However, I snapped a picture of the chaos outside.  Too bad you can’t see the 290384 cruisers and cops surrounding the area.

These two pictures were snapped probably 5-10 minutes before the suicide.  Kinda weird to see the guy’s targets next to ours.

Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed Meet

Couple weeks ago, five cars from DD Garage (Peter & Theresa, Jason, JonJon, and I) were asked to help represent Super Street for the Need for Speed: Shift 2 launch meet.  I’m sure you guys have seen some pictures of the meet on various blogs.  Unfortunately, this happened at the meet.

Snapped this picture with my Droid X.

We went to Macaroni Grill for lunch.  When I went to the restroom, Jason used his kid’s crayon and drew this beneath my menu.  I handed the menu back to the waitress, looked down, and said “WTF is this?!”  Everyone bursted out laughing as I scrambled to cover this with a plate.

Anyways, it was a pretty cool event.  For the people parked in the VIP section, we got some goodies for free (NFS: Shift 2 game, earplug, thumb drive, and t-shirt).  Theresa and I were also interviewed by G4 TV.  For those who don’t want to watch the whole thing, Theresa is at 0:40 and I’m at 2:40.

Here’s a few screencaps of the video.  Yeah, I know I said the motor is built by Toda.  I meant to say the car is running a chunk of the Toda catalog but I was a bit nervous and the words just kinda flew out before I thought about it.  I’m pretty sure 95% of the people who don’t know my car probably didn’t catch that, lol.