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Damascus Nighthawk Talon

This is a custom Nighthawk Talon with a Damascus steel slide.  Damascus steel is a type of steel used in swordmaking.  It’s characterized by its distinctive metal grain pattern. I’m not sure if I like it.  However, every Damascus slide is unique.  No two look alike.

My Favorite Custom 1911

This “NightFighter” from Rogers Precision is my favorite full house custom 1911.  This isn’t a 1911 you can simply buy from your local gun store or special order from your favorite 1911 manufacturer.  Sure, you can special order stuff from Wilson Combat, but they will not be able to offer this level of customization.  If you want a full house custom, you pretty much drop your 1911 off (along with couple grand) with your favorite 1911 gunsmith and come pick it up half a year (or a year) later.

This particular 1911 started its life has a “bare-bones” $800 Springfield Armory 1911-A1.  After all this work was completed, it sold for somewhere around $5,500.

The frontstrap is golfballed.  The golfball texture helps enormously with grip, especially when your hand is sweaty or bloody.  Most manufacturers simply checker (a bunch of lines, usually 30 lines per inch) the front strap for grip.  While checkering does get the job done, shooting an aggressively checkered gun is a lot more painful than a golfballed gun.

Custom Kart barrel.  Kart makes some of the best match grade barrels.  Custom flat top slide.  Besides cosmetic reasons, the flat plane helps visual tracking of your target.  This is why Glocks, XDs, etc… all have flat top slides.

Even the safety and slide stop is golfballed.

Full spec list:

Springfield frame and slide.
Fit slide to frame, match grade. Silver-soldered 4142 inserts.
Kart 4150 Chrome-moly barrel.
Wilson barrel link.
Reliability package.
Flush cut and large crown muzzle.
EGW thick flange bushing. Custom contoured.
Bar stock recoil spring plug. Golfballed.
Flatten and golfball top of slide. Double arrowhead pattern.
Rogers’ Tier One sights. Cross dovetailed front with Trijicon lamp. Green with white outline.
Rear sight. Two Trijicon lamps. Yellow without white outline.
Surface grind sides of slide to remove rollmarks.
Lightening grooves. Right and left.
Re-machine rear cocking serrations. Radiused grooves.
Front cocking serrations. Radiused grooves.
French cuts.
Ball cuts.
Machine large 60 degree bevel on bottom of slide.
Remachine ejection port.
Remachine ejector slot in slide.
Fabricate custom ejector.
Bar stock firing pin stop. Small radius. Fitted.
Two Wilson tuned extractors.
Golfball rear of slide, frame, ejector and extractors.
Brown’s ‘Hardcore’ slide stop. Recontoured. Golfballed.
Chamfer slide stop pin hole on right side of frame. Shorten and radius slide stop pin to suit.
Machine ‘take-down’ cut indicator.
Bar stock plunger tube.
Hardened plungers.
EGW bar stock thumb safety. Recontoured. Golfballed.
S&A grip safety. Recontoured and high cut. Golfballed pad.
Wilson match grade hammer.
Wilson tool steel sear.
Colt disconnector.
Greider medium length trigger. Internally lightened.
Trigger job. 3 3/4lbs.
Wilson mag catch. Shortened, angled, golfballed.
High cut and golfball frontstrap.
Brown’s mainspring housing. Fitted. Golfballed.
Heavy bevel at heel of butt.
Carry bevel package. Moderate.
Rogers’ deluxe magwell. Cut at 15 degrees. Modify and weld
mainspring housing for larger opening.
Two Wolff recoil springs.
Dawson light rail.
Surefire X300 110 lumen weapon light. Cerakote finish.
Crimson Trace LG401 laser grips. Front activation.
Parkerize (manganese phosphate), Cerakote all. Sniper Grey and Graphite Black.

Buddy Club Honda Civic Type X

Spotted the Buddy Club Honda Civic Type X at XDC/Remix down in San Diego.  Back in December, this car, along with their GT-R Spec X, was first debuted at Buddy Club’s Project X Time Attack media and shootout day.

In order to accommodate ride alongs for media days, all four seats are Buddy Club buckets.

Featuring the Buddy Club Racing Spec Evo coilovers with external reservoirs.  These are 3-way adjustable (high speed compression, low speed compression, and rebound) coilovers.  For those who didn’t know, Toda does offer external reservoirs on their Fightex Type EX but I digress!

Stainless steel lines leading to and from the oil cooler.

Front and rear monoblock Brembos.

Made in the USA

Usually, I’m not a big fan of cars and parts that are Made in the USA.  However, I’m definitely a fan of armaments that are Made in the USA.  One thing that Americans have always gotten down right is firearms.  Sure, there are some great imported firearms but many of them heavily borrowed or are refined from staple and revolutionary American firearms.  Imitation really is the greatest form of flattery.  Anyways, LaRue Tactical is known for their quick detach mounts as well as their quality AR-15s.  Their slogan, “Made dead-center of Texas, USA,” is definitely something to be proud of.

Primary: LaRue Tactical OBR with an Aimpoint Comp M4 red dot, Surefire X300 light, laser, and all with LaRue’s renowned quick detach mounts.

Secondary: Kimber Custom II with some G10 grips, magwell, and quality Wilson Combat 47D mags.

The AR-15 and 1911 are my weapons of choice in a zombie apocalypse!

XDC/Remix Car Show

Yesterday, Double D Garage was at the XDC/Remix Car Show in Toyota/Irwindale Speedway.  Honestly, the show was kinda small and meh.  However, hanging out with the crew and bumping into friends definitely made the event worthwhile.

For starters, I want to congratulate Theresa for taking both Best Nissan and Best Female Ride!  Also, Baldy took 2nd Place 4-Door Wild!

I was lazy and didn’t take that many pictures.  The first three pictures of this post was actually taken by Theresa and Peter (thank you!).  There weren’t that many rides (specifically, new/unique/undiscovered) that caught my eye except this murdered out Supra.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

OMP!!!  I’ve always been a fan of their products!

Just want to point out the fire extinguisher (or was it full fire suppression, I forgot?) behind the Recaro.

Hopefully Dat will post some more coverage of the show.  Or I’ll steal some pictures from Jason, Theresa, and Peter!

Dual Desert Eagles

I don’t have an problem with California’s one-gun-per-30-days restriction because I have a wallet restriction.  On the other hand, my buddy, Andy, clearly has a problem with the one-gun-per-30-days restriction.  Ever since he got into guns half a year ago, he’s been pretty much buying a new gun every 30 days.  These are his new additions: twin 1986 Mark VII Desert Eagle Mark in .44 Magnum.

Desert Eagles… the choice pistol of Hollywood badasses!

Extreme Autofest/Remix

Yes, I know, I’ve been lagging on posting.  A few weeks ago, Baldy, Jason, and I rolled down to Extreme Autofest/Remix in San Diego.  I was super late (Asian time!) so I hauled ass down the 5.  I ran into Baldy on the freeway and snapped this picture.  Baldy fashioned some hideous looking cardboard cover to prevent water from getting into his engine bay because he was worried about water spots.  Yeah, I know, seriously?

Here’s a few pictures of our lineup.  To the right it is Tracee’s really clean show Fit.  Everything is done on it: Mugen kit, painted, supercharged, Volks, Project Mu, Brides, wrapped interior, full system, etc…  And to my right is Jason’s wife’s Ralliart with an Evo X and Voltex front end.

The core lineup of Double D Garage consists of “track-styled, hardparking” cars.  Usually, we don’t garner as much attention as our competitors’ Skittle colored full show cars.  But, hey, that’s our style and we stick to our ethos of quality over quantity, function over form.  I think our group is one of the few in the show scene that strictly adheres to this ethos.  On top of it, we’re pretty proud that highly regarded shows give us props for it.

Anyways, at this show, our cars attracted an unusual amount of attention.  Yes, we did have some of the top cars in the show but we were still pretty surprised.  I’ve never seen so many people taking pictures of my car, peering into my car, taking the Toda Racing brochures, etc…  I usually keep a large stack of Toda brochures in my car and have never ran out.  Halfway through this show, I ran out of brochures.

From a marketing analysis standpoint, I wonder if San Diego’s affinity towards street racing has anything to do with the love of our cars.  Quality and functionality help you win races.  In San Diego, you see a lot more daily driven cars pushing a respectable amount of power for street racing or Qualcomm.  In Los Angeles, you see more people with stance only or just wanting to floss only.

Jeri Lee!!  She’s my favorite import model!  One of  my homegirls wanted an autograph from her so I bought Jeri’s signed copy of Ink Junkie and snapped a picture of her.

At the end of the day, we took home three big trophies so we were pretty happy.  Tracee took home 1st Place 4-Door Mild for her Fit, I took home 1st Place 2-Door Mild, and Jason’s wife took home Best Female Ride for the Ralliart.  I’m not sure what happened with the judging in Mitsubishi class because Baldy should have taken something with his widebodied Do Luck Evo.  I was pretty happy winning 1st place against all 2-door mild makes and models.

Even though the weather could have been better, it was a pretty fun show.  It was good seeing and chopping it up with Freddie and Kevin at AutoFashion and Ferdie at SCS/Hokori.  I still got a few more pictures from the show and I’ll post them later!