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AutoCon LA

Sorry for our extremely late coverage of AutoCon! We took home:

  • Best Mazda – Brad’s Tokico Time Attack FD
  • Best Engineering – Theresa’s LS1′ed S14
  • Best Bodywork – Baldy’s Do Luck / ARC Evo 8

Big congratulations and thanks to Justin Fong for setting this up!  With all the homies and girls, it was a pretty fun show!


From the very beginning of owning my RSX, Toda Racing has been one of my favorite racing companies. Not many Honda tuning shops can claim their research, development, and products are used in Formula and Super GT racing. Many legendary Honda tuning shops (such as J’s Racing, M&M Honda, ASM Autobacs) use or outsource to Toda. In addition to supplying Honda and Ferrari race engines, Toda also manufactures their own original Formula race engine.

Over the years of owning my RSX, I’ve slowly purchased a handful of Toda products. I recently had my Toda cams, valve springs, and timing chain tensioner installed and tuned by Church Automotive. Church Automotive is Toda Racing USA’s and Hondata’s preferred dyno tuning shop. Here are some pictures of what happened.

Toda Racing Resume:
* Toda A3 Camshafts
* Toda Valve Springs
* Toda Timing Chain Tensioner
* Toda Baffled Oil Pan
* Toda Header
* Toda Exhaust
* Toda Lightened Flywheel
* Toda Fightex Type DA Coilovers (prepped, aligned, corner balanced at West End Alignment)

On the lift at Church Automotive.

Toda valve springs installed! Also threw in new valve seals for some 100,000 mile maintenance.

Toda Racing Japan & USA authorized custom gold graphics for my car only. Toda Racing’s attorneys are very strict with licensing and trademarks.

Thought it was a cool looking shot with the rotors spinning.

254.3 horsepower, 177.1 torque

The drivability, torque delivery, and incredibly smooth power curve is what makes the Toda A3 setup absolutely amazing. It’s still relatively quiet (for the streets) but has now substantially more umph from any RPM.

Very special thanks to Ali at Toda Racing USA for his above and beyond customer service!

And big thank you to Falken Tire for letting me rip around on my new cams with one of the best street tires available, Azenis RT-615Ks!

ARC Exhaust

Baldy gets boners over ARC products.  He special ordered this ARC exhaust for his Evo.  Apparently, ARC Japan no longer fabricates this exhaust and Mackin finally convinced ARC Japan to make one for Baldy.  You don’t even want to know how much this costs.  It’s one of several in the United States.