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Mister Cartoon to LA Gun Club to Little Tokyo

Last week, I dropped my gun off with Jim Hoag to have some stuff modified.  I had just got it back and wanted to take it out for a test drive.  My buddy, Ian, wanted to do some indoor shooting so we head down to LA Gun Club.  I really like LA Gun Club because it’s between me (Glendale) and 626, they have a wide selection of rentals, and they host a friendly diverse crowd (opposed to grumpy old rednecks).  On the other hand, it’s in the hood (a block or two from Skid Row), you always got one of the homies shooting gangsta-style, and noobs tend to sweep their [unloaded] muzzles at you.

Anyways, as I was pulling into LA Gun Club, I noticed some activity with a handful of lowriders.  As I’m gawking and inching past them, my buddy, Long from DTM Autobody, recognizes my car.  I didn’t know this but Mister Cartoon was based right next to LA Gun Club.  Long gave me a quick tour of Mister Cartoon’s facility and I snapped a few pictures with my new Droid X.  Sorry for the uncharacteristically shitty pictures.  If I had my Canon SLR, I would have taken a ton more pictures instead of trying to fiddle with the slow ass camera on my phone.

I forgot the details on this car except it’s going to SEMA in a few days.  Got a yellow Brembo GT big brake kit.

Some of Mister Cartoon’s lowriders.

This is Mister Cartoon’s tattoo parlor.  Apparently he charges like $5000 an hour or something like that.

About this time, Ian arrives so we head into LA Gun Club.  Besides shooting Ian’s Glock 22 and my Kimber Custom II, we wanted to try out a .454 Casull so we rented a Taurus Raging Bull.  This revolver is a monstrosity.  It was meant not to shot by humans at humans.  It was meant to be shot by God at bears and other big game.  Seriously, jokes aside, .454 Casull was meant for big game hunting and not self/home defense.

Here is a picture of the .454 Raging Bull compared to my full-sized .45 1911 to Ian’s full-sized .40 Glock.  A full-sized 1911 is a pretty damn big gun and it looks pretty tiny compared to the Raging Bull.

Seriously, if God had a handgun, this would be it.  People outside in the lobby were startled/jumping when I was shooting the .454.  All I felt was a lot of pain in my palms and saw a lot of muzzle flash.  Whenever I shot the gun, it was like if lightning or a camera flash hit the entire room.  As you can imagine, we had a little crowd of spectators wondering what kind of hand canon we were firing.

Spent casing of a .454 Casull compared to a .45 ACP.  As you can tell, there’s a ton lot more gunpowder in the .454.

We also rented a M1A, which is the civilian version of the M14.  The M14 is the last of the so called “battle rifles” firing full-power rifle ammo (.308 vs .223).  It was used in the first part of the Vietnam War until it was replaced with the M16.

I’ve always wanted to shoot the M1A (or any rifle/handgun that has a lot of history behind it).  I’ve always found it fascinating to hold and see a piece of history.  American soldiers were trekking around in the jungles of Vietnam with this rifle.  The only difference is that back then, they used wooden stocks.  Now, we use synthetic stocks (substantially lighter) and it’s still heavy as shit.

After blowing a ton of money at the range, we had to make an obligatory stop at Daikokuya.  Tried their new “rich” (aka “extra fat”) soup base and fried rice.  The rich soup base tasted great for a few bites and just go way too greasy.  The fried rice was amazing.

Daikokuya is by far my favorite ramen shop.  If you want some bomb Japanese ramen, you should definately check them out.  I have yet to try another ramen shop better than Daikokuya.  They have a handful of locations (Little Tokyo, MPK, Costa Mesa, etc…) but their Little Tokyo location is the original one and the best!

327 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Anyways, that’s it for today.  I’ll be at SEMA next week from Wednesday through Friday.  Hit me up!


I don’t really play video games but this caught my eye. Dual 1911s and AR-15s: my weapons of choice in a zombie invasion!

Just noticed that “Sally” won’t be shooting… with her hammer down.

Double D Garage in ABC’s The Forgotten

Yeah, it’s been a few weeks since I last posted.  I’ve been super busy with life, social life, my birthday, etc…

Anyways, a year ago around this time, my car and I were invited to be extras on ABC’s The Forgotten.  Nobody ever told me when my episode was airing so I kinda forgot about it.   I just got reminded of it tonight and decided to do some research

I remember our scene included us (as extras) discovering a dead body in a trunk and screaming.  As I was going through episode synopsises, Season 1 – Episode 9 caught my eye: “Four months after a man is found dead in the trunk of a car, a DNA test identifies the man as an ex-con who died years ago.”  I guessed correctly and here’s the clip!  Unfortunately, YouTube won’t let me embed this video because it’s copyrighted content so you need to click on the picture below.

Here are a few “official” behind the scenes pictures.

Fighting 1911

What I love about this particular 1911 is its character.  A $5000 full custom 1911 is like a show car: sucks to see it always in a safe or garage and never at the range or track.  On the other hand, this Colt Lightweight Commander is the track car of 1911s. The finish is obviously battle (or range) worn.

Instead of a fancy frontstrap checkering, its got $5 grip tape that probably works better than a $250 checkering when your palm is sweaty or bloody.

It also has the Crimson Trace laser sight grips (I have the same ones).  According to Jim Hoag, they are the best laser sights for the 1911.  Unlike guide rod or rail mounted laser sights, the Crimson Trace laser does not loose its zero.  I actually never zeroed (just used out-of-box zero) my Crimson Trace laser and after couple thousand rounds, it still holds a perfect zero.

It also runs a top-of-the-line Surefire weapon light.  Besides the obvious benefit of having a mounted light, its incredibly bright where you can blind your target.

This particular Colt Lightweight Commander was worked on by Rogers Precision.  Chuck Rogers is a world class 1911 gunsmith.  What he did was machined the adapter to accommodate the beam and recessed the slide stop pin.

Because my Kimber doesn’t have an integrated rail, this particular custom setup is actually what I’m thinking about doing.  I kinda regret not buying an integrated rail on my 1911 but there are benefits of having no rail (or bolt-on rail): classic look, less (or modular) front end Lose Weight Exercise, better holster compatibility, and shooting competition rules.

JDM Store

Caught this on Kiet Kong’s (of Team Emotion) Facebook. This is why I hang with Evo owners and not Honda owners.  I can’t deal with Honda owners anymore.   There is still a handful of Honda owners out there holding it down by buying real JDM parts (and most importantly, quality parts) and mad props to you.