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A year back or so, Eric Hsu wrote an article on how Mishimoto radiators, thermostats, and radiator caps proved to be crap in motorsports. Mike Kojima also commented:

A few minutes later, one of my friends on his crew came up to me and said, “wow Eric was right”, he shall remain nameless because he is a well known industry guy/magazine writer. In his hand was a blown up Mishimoto radiator cap. It blew at the start of one of the runs and the coolant flash boiled resulting in the engine overheating and dying a violent and expensive death.

Around the same time (November ’09), I took a few pictures of the GT Motoring S2000 at a Redline Time Attack.  I’m not sure if the car was sponsored by Mishimoto or not.  Anyways, notice how it’s running a Mishimoto radiator but a JDM Billion radiator cap.  Shows you how much trust they have in Mishimoto products.

I’m not sure why people opt for Mishimoto radiators when Koyo aluminum radiators are reasonably priced (compared to ARC, Calsonic, etc…), quality, and proven itself in motorsports.  I see a ton of people in the show scene ditching their OEM radiators (probably made by Koyo or Calsonic) for questionable Mishimoto radiators so they can get “engine bay points”.  Personally, I would never ditch OEM products for products from questionable aftermarket performance companies, just to look cool.


A few months ago at Cars & Coffee – Irvine, I noticed the Carrera GT uses Sachs suspension.  If you guys keep up with Autobacs ASM, they seem to be a big fan of Sachs.  Now I know why…

Platinum Motorsports Veilside Continental GT

Spotted this matte black Premier 4509 Continental GT from Platinum Motorsports at a SEMA 2009 concourse. For those unfamiliar, Platinum Motorsports is a luxury and exotic tuning shop that caters towards the rich and famous in Los Angeles. They’re based in this tiny shop on Melrose Blvd. And also for those unfamiliar, Premier 4509 is Veilside’s luxury and exotic aero division. I really like Premier 4509′s kits for the Aston Martin.


Two premier firearms manufacturers, Knight’s Armament and Nighthawk Custom, collaborated on this limited edition (100 sets only) AR-15 and 1911 set.  While Nighthawk is a relatively new upstart (compared to Wilson Combat, Ed Brown, etc…), they make some of my favorite 1911s.  I love their tactical lineup: GRP Recon, Enforcer, etc…  Actually, the Knighthawk 1911 is a customized [already custom] Nighthawk GRP Recon.  You can see the custom and matching scalloping on the Knighthawks.  And of course, the name, Nighthawk, just sounds badass!  Too bad their 1911s start at $2,500, well outside my budget.  One day, in the distant future, I will own a Nighthawk Tactical GRP Recon!

I’d love to own a complete Knight’s Armament’s AR-15 but the People’s Republic of Kalifornia banned Knight’s Armament’s AR-15s.  Knight’s Armament products are widely used by our military.  Kinda lame that California bans AR-15 by name (Knight’s Armament, Colt, Bushmaster, etc…) but I can still own an AR-15 from a premium manufacturer (i.e. Daniel Defense) that didn’t exist when the law was passed.  It just proves how draconian California gun laws are.

Since I can’t afford the $10,000 Knighthawk set (or own the Knight’s Armament’s AR-15 legally), I have to make do with my Daniel Defense AR-15 and Kimber 1911 combination.

Orion Sports Evo

Right before 2009 SEMA, I came down with a cold and mean sore throat (I could barely swallow without wincing) yet I was still determined to make SEMA.  Anyways, the owner of this Evo was trying to chat with me, explaining his pride and joy.  However, I was just trying to get away from him as politely as I could because I was dying and wanted to walk the show as quickly as possible.  Thought that was kinda funny.

Trying HDR for the first time…

After years of owning a SLR, I finally picked up a tripod (Slik 700DX for $140 OTD) that was on sale at Samy’s Camera.  Kinda sad that I use my camera a lot but I’m super cheap with my camera and accessories because I spend too much on my car, guns, and going out, lol.


Our friend, Steve Enomoto of Power Enterprises USA, recently shot and wrote an online feature for Jason’s X MR.  Jason is a good friend of mine and his choice in parts influenced the way I built my car.  I think the first show we did together was ’06 Extreme Autofest at the Fairplex Pomona.  Back then, he had the Graphite Gray Evo VIII that just had a DoLuck front lip;  he eventually went Voltex for that car.

Anyways, here is a repost of the feature.

Attention To Detail, Backed Up By Japanese Engine Specialists

With the turn of the global economy and the effects it had on the automobile industry, one must ask; who actually gets sponsored these days? In these hard times, its a meaningless question to pursue; however sponsorships are directly related to the exposure and good brand image of the company. The life of Jason Macgill’s EVO builds actually started as a plain sponsorship from Tomei Powered, the engine specialists. This relationship was mainly fueled by Macgill’s undying pursuit of maintaining the positive status of the company, and actually carried the burden of proper representation of a 40 year old brand image.  Over the years, Tomei Powered recognized that Macgill was no ordinary enthusiast, but one that devoted his valuable time for the success of the company.

The Mitsubishi  EVO X was immediately acquired at the US release date, even before some hit the dealer lots. Then began the networking to various Japanese companies such as Voltex, Colt Speed, and even Ralliart since these companies were already producing aftermarket performance parts for this fresh chassis.

Sure the car looks pretty with its body kit and carbon fiber components, it must be a show-car. I think not. This car is more a test mule that quietly accepts the crazy (but powerful) ideas that the Tomei Engineers have conjectured in their highly organized minds. The vehicle has been ROM tuned by the masterful Jon Drenas of HBSPEED  , with a custom tuning map straight from Tomei. Other products that are visible are the super high quality Colt Speed items, as well a custom suspension setup built, installed, and setup by Robispec.

The cockpit or as Macgill would refer to “my favorite spot away from the wife and kids”, serves as a road assassin. This relatively compact AWD machine is capable of embarrasing some of the worlds best engineered exotics, just with a heavy right foot and snappy paddle shifting The center mechanical lever that looks like a slot machine handle is the Colt Speed GT inspired shifter unit made exclusively for the EVO X SST transmission.

Jealously and envy rages to those who witness this car shooting down the Southern California highways on a perfect Sunday afternoon. Little do they know, that this machine is the end result of hard work, dedication, and the countless hours spent on deciphering communication with Japanese tuning parts makers. It is something that was handed down to him however. From the Mitsubishi Gods!