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Six years ago…

I found a folder on my hard drive of some really old pictures.  These are a few pictures from the 2004 SoCalRSX (now defunct) End-Of-Summer meet at Spugen in Norwalk (also now defuct).

I bought my car in the summer of 2004.  Once I figured out how to drive stick, I went to my first meet at the Focus Plaza (99 Ranch Market) in San Gabriel.  I met a few guys there (Dean and my boy Tony, now at APR Performance) and they invited me out to the End-Of-Summer meet.

Why am I posting these “wack” photos?  I guess it reminded me how I got here.

This was probably one of the first times I saw Volk wheels in person.  I remembered back then, Dat said Volk wheels were the best and I wanted the best.  I took this picture because I wanted these wheels on my car.  Don’t mind the ricey body kit, lol.

Back then, I really wanted a Z.  I thought this was the best looking Z back then!  I saw this Z at a few HINs after this.

A year after the meet, I ordered my Volk LE37s for $2000 OTD.  Volks are like $3000 OTD now!  The reason it was ordered in Dat’s name is because we used Dat’s hookup at SP Engineering.

Man, I really miss these days!

WiredOnHonda Annual Meet

Dat and I were out with the Falken guys at the WiredOnHonda Annual Meet.  The meet was at the K&N headquarters in Riverside.  Here are a few pictures of my car and Christian’s IS F.  I’ll be posting some more pictures in the upcoming days.  I’m sure Dat will have a more thorough coverage posted as well.  And Ian, thanks for picking us up for some air conditioned lunch!

I really liked Christian’s IS F.  It’s setup as an aggressive weekend track car.  It shaved off a few hundred pounds from stripping the interior.  It also has a custom lightweight single exit exhaust (behind the quad exhaust tips).  This carbon-kevlar Cobra seat is amazingly comfortable.  It’s also wrapped in some patented material that makes the seat more comfortable in heat/sweat.

It’s probably the only IS F out there with stripped interior.

Lap timer!  I need to get myself one.

Hawk race pads sit behind that caliper.  And some $10,000 KW race suspension is on its way.

Racetrack map stickaz!

SpoCom 2010, Long Beach

For this year’s SpoCom, Eric was representing Falken Tire.  It was an incredibly fun show this year!

This CLS had a Wald kit and a front and rear Wald big brake kit.

These are two cars that always win at shows. David’s Lexus didn’t win this year because they didn’t want to give him all the trophies.  According to David, they awarded him “best paint” because the winner of best paint gets a larger cash prize than first place Lexus. People who know David knows he poops out money and doesn’t care about the cash prize. He would’ve rather had first place Lexus than best paint.  Seriously, David, do you really need to win every trophy????

Great looking paint job and wheels. The front mount intercooler just made it perfect!

Jay’s Evo in the AutoConcept Elite paddock.  ACE won best display for their efforts!

The build on this Mini is just absolutely crazy. These welds must of taken hundreds of hours to do.

I wonder if anyone else loves Skylines?

Turbo M3: what else is there to say?

The only primer black Evo at the show. Just kidding, Baldy! For the record guys, it’s not primer.

Falken Tire brought out the rig. They had tons of nice rides on display.

Kiet Hong towed his car from Boston to SpoCom.  Glad to see him take first place Acura!

This beast that made an exorbitant amount of noise. This RX-8 has a 4-rotor rotary motor.

After all the Mitsubishi pictures I’ve been posting, I had to post at least one Suby picture up.

Going to need to talk my brother in law to make his 370z to look like this one.

Emergency Hookers Towing helped with this crazy display. If you guys ever need to get your car towed, make sure to give these guys a call. Ask for Big Steve and tell him we sent ya!

Ready for war… on the track.

Facebook Page

A few days back, I created a Facebook Page for Double D Garage.

I’ll also update the Facebook page as to where Double D Garage and friends are at (i.e. local meets, shows, etc…).

Mitsubishi Owner’s Day 2010

After Cars and Coffee, I ended up at MOD again this year. The weather was a lot better then last year. Since I didn’t know any of the Mitsubishi owners, I visited all my friends that were at the vendor booths.

This was the first time I met the infamous Jay from JDM Ego.  He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve meet in a long time.  The Evo looked even more amazing in person.

As you can tell, Shaun, Charles and Jason were at the booths.

Sierra Sierra Enterprises showed up with their time attack Evo.  Hopefully, the Cyber Evo took some notes on how to install a spoiler properly.

Here is Baldy showing off his ride at the Mackin Industries booth. Thanks for letting me install the Alcons!

Cosworth was showing off one of their amazing motors.

Of course, Jason had to show off the new mods on the Ralliart. He also brought out his X to MOD.