Monthly Archives: April 2010

DoLuck Widebody Evo

I’m sure you guys have seen Kelvin’s (aka “Baldy”) car in our lineup.  This is the first (and one of several) DoLuck widebody Evos in the United States.  Top Secret Volk TE37s wrapped in Hoosiers, Bride Zeta IIIs, ARC engine components, Dash roll cage, etc…  Here are some great shots of his car.

Photography is credited to Eric Eikenberry.  Thank you Eric E. for working with us on Saturday!

Super Street & SoCalEvo

Might recognize this photo from the SoCalEvo 2010 meet at Huntington Beach Mitsubishi.

Yes, I know, they spelled [sic] wrong.  Special thanks to Jason and a shoutout to our friends on I think I hang out with more SoCalEvo people than Honda people these past few years.

Oh, and haaayyyy.

Need security services at a car show?

I like to share a new subsidiary of Double D Garage with you guys: DD Security.  DD Security is a private security contractor and our mission is to provide personal security, intelligence gathering, subversion, offensive and defensive operations, specifically at car related venues.  Here is a sneak preview of our gear.

To inquire the services of our highly trained and equipped staff, please leave a comment with your contact information.  Thanks!