Monthly Archives: March 2010

Heavy Hitter

Ran into one of my friend Jay at Remix.  Jay had told me he picked up an Aston Martin, when I saw him at Spo Com last year.   Since then Jay installed a Premier 4509 Aston Martin Vantage kit, redid the interior, added some flat black wheel. The Aston Martin looks perfect with that kit. Just wish I had the money to build a car like that.

Remix Show Roll In

Waiting for everyone to arrive to the show.

Everyone just hangout before we all roll into the show.

Finally everyone arrives and we roll into the show.  Had a couple new cars roll in with us for this show.

Everyone is  waiting  for the remix crew to tell us where to park our cars.  Since it was there first show they weren’t that organized.

They gave us two choices of where to display  our cars.  Of course we picked the spot closer to the entrance of the show.

Peter and Brad had to unloaded there vehicles from there  trailers.

Jason did a great job on choosing all the spots for the cars. The display came out great.

ASI Ferrari F430

At Remix today, I was very excited in “debuting” and incorporating Mastermind’s ASI Ferrari F430 in the Double D Garage lineup. For those unfamiliar with ASI, they are a JDM luxury tuner, specializing in Ferraris and Bentleys.

JDM kit, matte black, upgraded brakes: exactly what I would do to a performance JDM Euro.

ASI Scuderia stripes.

Upgraded brakes!

ASI exhaust.

If you’re interested in ASI parts, please drop a line to and I’d be happy to refer you to Mastermind.


It’s been awhile since I’ve done some consistent daily postings.  I’ve been pretty busy with my life (work, school, etc…).  I’m actually posting from my hotel room in Las Vegas.  Anyways, found some lost pictures from Buttonwillow so here there are!

I will be at Remix, Irwindale next weekend. Hope to see you there!