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Pain in the boot

I drove my car couple weekends ago to the Mini dealer.  A burnt smell was coming from my car.  Thought it was a just  plastic bag that go caught on the exhaust.  Looked under the car and didn’t see anything.  Drove the car home from Irvine Mini Dealer.  Had the same smell when I got home.  Popped the hood to see where the smell was coming from. The axle boot right under the downpipe was split open. Grease was all over my downpipe.  Here where the adventure begins.

This is how it looks like when the axle is apart. Decide just to do the inner boot until I can find a good outer boot replacement.

The main reason this boot wears out faster is because it’s right underneath the downpipe.  It also didn’t help that I had an aftermarket downpipe without a heat shield.

This was a big problem for me. Since I didn’t know that the  Subaru WRX uses a pin to lock the axle in place. I have worked on other Japanese cars and had no problem doing axles.  I just need to remember Subaru is not like other Japanese manufactures.  If you ever work on a Subaru WRX make sure you knock out the pin.  Unless you want to be like me and struggle for half an hour.

After find the pin that need to be knocked out. The rest of the work was a piece of cake.


Buttonwillow, here I come!

Ferodo DS2500 race pads, Stoptech slotted rotors, Stoptech stainless steel lines, Motul RBF600 fluid, Apex’i N1 Type-V coilovers, Skunk2 camber kit, Cusco rear sway bar.

Carnival Cruise Part 1

Went on a Cruise with the family Dec. 29 to Jan. 6 to Mexico.  We also had two Richards and one Cynthia join us on our cruise. This was the my first time cruising with Carnival Cruise. The people on Carnival exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t mind cruising with Carnival for my next cruise.

Chris and Tyler waiting for the shuttle to pick us up. That was one of the views that we saw before leaving San Diego. One thing  Carnival did wrong was that they didn’t seat us together. They sorta fixed the probably by the next night.  Of Course Tyler had to come visit the cool table.

Since we were on the ship for a couple days.  We had to find ways to entertain ourselves until the ship would dock.  Me and my dad sign up for ping pong tournament. Of Course I lost my match. I couldn’t believe my dad lost too. Cynthia and Richard were chilling in the jacuzzi for most of there day.  My fiancee  and sis  just lounged  by the pool to kill time.

Went to go watch Tyler play miniature golf.  Cynthia kissing her slot machine before the start of the tournament.   Chris also entered the tournament.  Too bad they both lost in the slot tournament.

Just taking some pictures before we head off to dinner.  As you can tell it was formal night.

The best part of formal night on a cruise is the food.  Our group ordered  twice as much as most tables.

Takata Time Attack

During the Redline Time Attack season finale, I was asking James Elterman how he wrapped his Takata harnesses.  See post here.

He was also kind enough to send me this t-shirt.  Thanks James!

Here are some photos of his car at the season finale.

Mitsubishi Meet

Went to another Mitsubishi meet today. I was invited by Jason. I went there for 2 hours. Just to hang out and chat. Had to leave early to go home and watch the football games.

DD Garage @ HB Mitsubishi

Today, I stopped by the SoCalEvo 2010 meet at Huntington Beach Mitsubishi.  It’s been awhile since I took some pictures of Jason’s ride.  This Evo X is Tomei Powered USA‘s demo car.

Two Double D Garage’s rides (Tomei & Do Luck Evos) getting the VIP treatment in the Huntington Beach Mitsubishi’s showroom.

Check out how low this Voltex lip is.  And rocking the Colt Speed intercooler.

Representing Double D Garage.

The blue Recaros with white Willans is pretty damn hot.

Rocking Tomei’s Expreme titanium exhaust.

Jason being a media whore.