Monthly Archives: December 2009

Rauh Welt

If you talk to me on AIM lately, you probably know of my current obsession with these flat black, function over form, rat rod track beasts.

The last picture is unbelievably hot.  Interesting how it’s stenciled Uzi, 964, Rauh Welt, Submachine Gun; and on the side Uzi, Jerusalem.  It’s a reference to the Uzi submachine gun, made by the Israeli Military Industries.  While I’m sure Rauh Welt was referencing that this 964 is a “track weapon”, I thought it was ironic to have references of an Israeli firearm on a German car.

Say No To NRG

Here are a few old pictures of Eric’s quick release and steering wheel setup.  Rocking the “original” Works Bell Rapfix II and the once rare Key’s Racing.  The Key’s was recently sold to a Suby owner.  Eric’s now running the OMP dry carbon steering wheel which matches his carbon fiber fetish better.

Don’t get why people run expensive steering wheels but bolt it to a knockoff quick release.  Those people need to spend less money on the steering wheel, more money on a quality and critical steering component.  It’s also kinda amazing how the same people talking shit about fake wheels are the ones rocking NRG.  Read this.

No More Room

I have a slight problem. I been buying a lot of shoes lately. Now I don’t have room to store them. I guess this is a good problem to have for me. I got these Air Jordan 1 Retro High DMP 60+ Pack couple months ago. I really like the Jordan 1′s.   The other pair are purple and neon Nike Dunk Low CL. Can’t wait to get new gear for all the  new shoes I got.