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Tiny Lowering Springs

I got some of the latest tiny lowering springs from Toda Racing.  Going to slam my car to the ground this weekend.


Power House Amuse / Ericsson M5 Earth

At the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon, Ericsson, Power House Amuse’s Euro division, debuted with their absolutely stunning BMW M3 M480 Concept.  At a later date, I’ll post some pictures of the M3 M480 Concept.  The reason is that most people have already seen the M480 Concept.

Back on topic, most people didn’t know that Ericsson also debuted their BMW M5 Earth.  The M5 is one of my favorite cars.  When it first came out, I remember watching (and rewatching) the Top Gear’s M5 feature.  Couple that with aggressive stanced BBS monoblock racing wheels and Amuse’s legendary styling, the Ericsson M5 Earth is an instant winner.


I have always been on a search to find a local brick-and-motar detailing supply store.  It used to be Super Autobacs but their selection of Meguiar’s Professional dwindled over the years.  I’m usually pretty busy (or lazy) to detail my car and I usually do it when I have nothing else to do.  Usually by then, it’s too late to order and deliver some detailing products from Meguiar’s east coast warehouse.

I stumbled onto while browsing Meguiar’s Online.  They have a wide selection detailing supplies, they are “local” (in Irvine), and they are open on Saturdays.  I ordered some Meguiar’s M105, Meguiar’s Quik Out, and some Meguiar’s Terry Cloth.

A few months back, I ran out of Simple Green and used a Castrol Degreaser to clean my engine bay.  Horrible idea.  I stained all my polished and brushed aluminum in my engine bay.  I was able to slowly correct the damage with Meguiar’s M95.  I tried Meguiar’s M105 and it worked so much faster and easier than M95.  The only thing “bad” (and subjective, at best) about M105 is that it’s so aggressive that it’s pretty much a metal polish.  M95, after usage, will leave the aluminum in its original brushed state.  M105 will polish your aluminum.  Regardless, I’m happy I was able to correct the damage in a few hours with M105, opposed to a few days of M95.

Over the years, my bright red Bride seats got dirty, probably a combination of dust and dye from expensive jeans.  I pulled out my Brides, lathered it with water using a terry cloth, sprayed Quik Out, and worked in the cleaner.  It took a few hours but I got most of the dirt out of one of my seats.  Unfortunately, I killed a good part of the can on one seat so that’s why I picked up another one.  So if you got red seats, get a few buckets of water, a few terry clothes, a few cans of Quik Out, and a lot of elbow grease, you can get them nice and clean.

More JDM-Tuned Euros


JDM vs. DTM Part 3

JDM-Tuned F430

D. Huang is getting me hooked on JDM-tuned Euros.  You may have seen pictures of his Top Secret Porsche 996 in some of our posts.

Check out this absolutely stunning Fabulous Ferrari F430.  Yes, I have a thing for carbon fiber, GT wings, and diffusers.  I find the aggressive rear end as sexy as the front end.   Hell, you can park this F430 at a car show with its rear end facing out and nobody would object.


If anyone needs help sourcing any Fabulous products, please drop a line at

Went to the Stereo District during my lunch break …

… and came back with a pair these.


These speakers are nothing too fancy or high end.  The idea is to have better speakers at comparable Lose Weight Exercise to OEM.  I was pretty surprised how light these speakers weigh.  After all, the DC5 is going to be a track car but I still need decent speakers to drown out the exhaust and rattling noise from a gutted out interior.

Road /// Race Engineering

Since Jason lives halfway to Nevada and he was down in Santa Fe Springs getting some work done at Road Race, I figured would be a good time to drop by Road Race and say hi. I’m not allowed to disclose what was getting done but I snapped a few pictures.

Jason has the oh-so-sexy Colt Speed / GruppeM intake. I absolutely love GruppeM intakes. If they run GruppeM intakes on Ferraris, it’s good enough for Mitsubishis and Hondas. It’s unfortunate that the LHD/RHD differences prevent me from running the GruppeM intake on my car. The only other intake I would run instead of my ARC intake is the GruppeM intake.

Half a year ago, Road Race custom fabricated some piping for my car, completed it in a compressed time table, and accommodated my work schedule. Road Race is staffed by knowledgeable and experienced enthusiasts, catering to Mitsubishi owners.  If you own an Evo, you should definitely check them out.

Congratulations to JDM vs. DTM Winners

I want to congratulate my friends and old teammates in R-Technique for their wins at JDM vs. DTM.

Mitsubishi Class – 1st Place – Paul Gongora
Nissan/Infiniti Class – 1st Place –
Lexus Class – 3rd Place – JonJon Usaha
Open Class – 1st Place – Jon B.
Open Class – 3rd Place – Tim Balay

D. Huang already wrote up a nice post regarding our accomplishments so I’ll just copy and paste.

To DD & friends,

Congrats to all winners and big thanks to all competitors for being part of another Quality Showoff event. Innovation has always been the signature in the history of Import Showoff & Mainstream with Ken Miyoshi; after a few press presentation, I can tell you all that this will be a new start/trend of car show environment in the years to come if exectued flawlessly.

Without further adieu, here are the winners in our 10 cars lineup (besides the cars in the Falken booth):

Best Lexus Class 2nd Place- Kevin Peverill & AutoFashion VIP GS300
Best Lexus Class 1st Place- Joe Oshiro & AutoFashion VIP GS430
Best Nissan/Infiniti Class 2nd Place- Steven Wong & Junction VIP M35xTT
Best Acura Class 2nd Place- Eric Lam & Backyard Special RSX-S
Best Honda Class 3rd Place- Leon LongBeardNoHair & RHD MugenCRX
Best Honda Class 2nd Place- Nassif Samhat & GoTunning Civic Si Sedan
Best Honda Class 1st Place- Tommy Ha & GoTunning S2k
JDM Supreme 5 Foot Trophy- Lisa Uchida & Creative 11kRPM AE86
JDM v.s. DTM KING 6 Foot Trophy- David Huang & The Original HKS IS300

9 out of 10 won is simply an understatement, as this oustandating achievment was approached by a group of respected car owners, individuals that were no-team & drama-free and most importantly, knows how to enjoy a good time.

Big shoutout to all industry leader & parties such as Falken Tires, AutoFashion USA, Creative Car Audio & Motorsports, GoTuning Unlimited…etc

Till nex time,

[D.Huang] 9.13.09

See you guys at the next show with more goodies. :)

JDM vs. DTM – Part 2