Daily Archives: August 29, 2009

Legacy B4

This year subaru with be using the Legacy B4 2009 for the GT300. Hope this race comes back to Califonia again. I went to the JGTC event couple years ago. I really enjoyed going to that event. It probably won’t be able to come back till the economy is alot better. Then people will have the money and time to go watch this race again.

Seibon Customer Appreciation Day

Seibon held an event today for there customers. It wasn’t to far from my house. I decide to drop by to visit Jason for a bit. Didn’t stay to long since it was so hot. Wasn’t much people since it was way to hot.  They aslo had to promote the event a little bit better. I heard about this event last minute from Jason.

Banks Power

Went to visit my friend Chris yesterday at Banks Power. He’s the R&D/Dyno Test Technician at Banks Power. Chris took us on a tour of the facilities. Really interesting to see how they manufacturer there parts for sale. I will put the more interesting stuff they do on another day.


This is just one of the buildings were Banks Power works there magic. A lot of metal tubing ready to be fabircated into parts. The last pictures is a jig setup for an exhaust system.


Just some parts setup in the CNC machine to get there finishing touches. The red intake hardware is machined smooth and ready to be installed. Those are just a stack of Banks intercooler ready for someone diesel application.


The yellow machine is used for top speed runs on the salt flats. Its getting reworked to get a higher speed. Banks also does installed on motor homes and trucks that this facility. That little car also go customized with some huge exhaust tips.