Daily Archives: August 13, 2009

Titanium > Gallery & Mugen

Recently, show cars have been using fancier bolts to replace OEM bolts, namely the Gallery and Mugen bolts.  I wasn’t a fan of Gallery bolts as they are heavier than stock bolts.  The washers on the Mugen bolts are too big to seat properly on most surfaces.  It looks ridiculous when people use a Mugen bolt on a headlight tab and the washer is sitting crooked on the tab.

Mugen Bolts Gallery Bolts

My car has always been about form and function.  If I’m going to replace a bolt, it should be lighter, stronger, and better looking than the OEM bolts.  Gallery and Mugen bolts do not meet my requirements for form and function.

I concluded that the best material for a bolt would be titanium, as it would be lighter, stronger, and better than steel.  I also concluded that the best finish would be the gorgeous blue hue of burned titanium.

It was by mere chance that I found a source on burned titanium metric bolts.  I looked everywhere, from McMaster-Carr to international websites on Google.  Without further adieu…

Titanium Bolts Titanium Bolts Titanium Bolts

Upgrading the hardware on my wing is merely the start of this project.  Unlike Gallery and Mugen bolts, titanium hardware can come in hex bolts, flange nuts, etc…  Unfortunately, my titanium flange nuts are backordered.

SpoCom Roll Out

Miss Tran, from R1Concepts, made this video of some familiar cars rolling out of SpoCom.  Thanks, Jason, for making my car look ridiculous.  For those wondering why I have my trunk open, I had Jason’s Tomei EZ-UP in there.

SpoCom Rollout