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Made by Voltex, for Backyard Special

Extreme AutoFest

What does D. Huang do with his trophies…

Ready for Mars

Just pick up some Jordan 4 Mars Retro for my bro in-law. Couple of us pitched in to get him this for his birthday. He like the Jordan 4 the most out of all the Jordan’s. Found these Jordan at RIF LA. The staff there is really friendly. I saving my money to go back and buy myself something from RIF.




334-A East 2nd Street (In-between Central and San Pedro in Little Tokyo),
Los Angeles, CA 90012
TEL 213-617-0252      BUSINESS HOURS 12pm-7pm Daily

Colt Speed

Jason received a couple packages for his Evo X. It was just in time for install before MOD. The most important piece was the Front Mount Intercooler. He also received a special package too.



MOD July 11, 2009

Went to my first Mitsubishi Owners Day event. Went to just kick it with some friends. Since I don’t own a Mitsubishi. We were late because of someone else on this blog.  It was really hot in Cypress by the time we got there. There were tons of Mitsubishi there. They had a lot of vendors at this event. They even had a dyno contest going on. The winner was the Nos Evo which put down 1180 hp. Not sure if I’ll be there next year but it was a good event to chill at.






Went to watch the movie last night. This movie was not as funny as his last movie Borat. Some of the scenes in the movie were pretty funny. It just seem the movie was more staged.


Vegas Baby

Went to Vegas for the 4thof July on a last minute decision. Went with couple of friends on Friday morning. We had tons of fun. You always have fun when you go to Vegas. Did a lotof different things in Vegas. Check out how big that piece of corn is compared to a dime. That was the first time I ate at Samba Sushi. The food was okay but it was a good experience. We stayed at Ceasars Palace and we had a great view of the strip. Hopefully I have money to go to Sema this year.