Monthly Archives: June 2009

Air Max 95

This guy tattoo is way better then the Jordan V tattoo. His name is Sonny “Air Max 95 King” Guerra and he’s from Aloha. As you can tell for the pictures he loves his Air Max 95.




Just went to watch Transformer Revenge of The Fallen. It was a pretty long movie compared to the first one. There were tons of new robots in this one. I enjoyed the movie and can’t wait for the third one to come out. I wasn’t crazy enough to watch the midnight showing yesterday.


Spo Com Rides

There was a lot of nice cars at Spo Com. A Lot of cars that were at the redline time attack was at the show. It was good chance to check out those cars up-close and personal. Saw some new cars at the show. The judgingI heard was a little weird. I guess that’s how it is at a lot of shows. I guess they need some better judges. Especially in the Honda Class. Guess we have to wait another year to see if they can get it right.





The Crew at SpoCom

There were 6 cars that represented at SpoCom. Congratulation to Shaun S for winning first place in the Mitsubishi class and Tom for winning second place in the Mitsubishi class. Even though the other guys didn’t win it was still an enjoyable show. It was indoors and the time just seem to fly by. I will post other cars and girls pictures up later from Spo Com.






OMP, Defi, ARC

I’ve never seen anyone run the OMP 325 mm autoclaved carbon fiber steering wheel.  Guess who’s running it?  Muhahaha!

And guess who is running one of two ARC DC5 radiators in the United States?  Thanks to Bryan Householder and Brian Filoteo!