Monthly Archives: May 2009

Last resting home

Well guess what he got for his car now. It’s pretty crazy because this item cost way to much for what it does. Got this ARC radiator installed today in the car. The radiator fitted perfect in the car. I guess you get what your pay for and it is hand welded.




Time to pig out

Me and my friend’s call this place the piggy restaurant. It’s an all you can eat korean bbq restaurant. The price is really decent. Don’t forget to save room for the kimchi fried rice at the end of the meal.



Haejangchon Dolgooi Restaurant  (213) 389-8777

3821 West 6th. Street Los Angeles CA 90020

789 Chrysler dealershipships closing

I read about what Chrysler has to do just to survive. There is going to be a lot of people who are losing there jobs. Chrysler is closing 789 dealers in the United States. There reason are that they have to many stores competing against each other. There is more bad news coming out of GM too. They maybe soon also closing a lot of there dealership to deal with the economy. Just when people are thinking things are getting better. Here is a pictures of all they closing dealers look on google maps.