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Julianna Su

A few pictures of Julianna posing with C-West, Bride, Takata, and Cusco.  Shot during Hot Import Nights, Los Angeles by Adam of TYC Photography.

Top Secret 996

This is the only Top Secret wide bodied Porsche in the United States. It is one of Eric’s buddy’s ride. He spent a lot of money on this ride. Tons of the stuff that is one of a kind for a Porsche. He’s still not close to being done with the ride. Hopefully I can get more pics of the engine and other stuff next time.





WTF another one

Yes there are another Fast n Furious coming out soon. I put this up for someone on this blog that going to see it on opening day. Mister Cartoon and one of his buddies did this piece. It’s suppose to be on a billboard somewhere in LA.



Clippers vs. Wizards

Yesterday my dad called me to tell me he got 2 tickets to the Clippers game. It was some pretty nice seats. He got it from some doctor he worked for. First time seeing a real game at the Staples Center. It was a pretty good game between the two teams. Clippers was losing most of the game. They came back from behind and won the game. The final score was Clippers 123 over  Wizards 108.




Tarzan’s Time Attack Suby

This is Tarzan Yamada’s time attack Subaru. Hope it  keeps on destroying the competition out there.

March 19, 2009 – Hot Import Nights, Los Angeles

This is was the first time ever for HIN to be held at Anaheim. It was done in the park lot of Angel Stadium. The weather was so great for the show. It was mostly cloudy and cold. There was a lot of new cars that came out. There were also a lot of models too. They also had drifting, go carting, motorcycle stunts and tons of other stuff to keep you entertained. The best part was that Eric won finally at HIN. All the hard work paid off finally.

Julie Nguyen

A few pictures of Ms. Julie Nguyen.

Hottest Driven Acura @ Hot Import Nights, Los Angeles

I’ll leave Dat to post about the event coverage.  He also has my memory card reader so I had to use my parent’s point-and-shoot camera with the USB interface.

Anyways, without further adieu, I present you the trophy and the winning car.

For 2009, Hot Import Nights changed their judging and classification system.  Instead of the street, mild, wild, and elite classes, they had driven, performance, and unlimited.  Whether or not street corresponded with driven, mild corresponded with performance, and wild/elite corresponded with unlimited was under some debate and controversy.

A lot of entrants were confused between driven and performance.  For example, while my car is driven, it’s packing a lot more performance modifications than my counterpart Hottest Performance Acura.  (No hate on that car, it rivals my car points wise – widebody, paint, 02-04 conversion, etc…)  A friend was confused why he placed Hottest Driven (as his car is not driven) when he felt he should have placed Hottest Performance (and the counterpart isn’t packing much performance).

Anyways, so I read up on classifications straight from Hot Import Nights’ website.

Driven – This class was created for a purist/efficient oriented enthusiast. Vehicles in this class usually focus on facets throughout to better equip the vehicle from factory. Modifications are expected to be subtle yet very intricate.

Performance – This class represents the global affair with speed/horsepower/balance. Although race prepped cars may be proven performance vehicles in certain disciplines, we will not automatically award you for it.

The criterion in this class follows a very strict guideline of balance throughout the vehicle. Your vehicle must be able to perform and put some power down. Meaning supporting modifications must be present.

Although performance is key in this class, please don’t undermined execution. This is still a car show and displaying with up most pride can only benefit a competitor. Keep in mind that we understand road scares usually means enjoyment from the driver. None the less, keeping a car as showroom fresh will only benefit the vehicles overall appeal.

Going by Hot Import Nights’ classifications and definitions, I guess I belong under the Driven classification.  *shrugs*

Regardless, it’s my first Hot Import Nights win, no less at the infamous Hot Import Nights Los Angeles (well, technically, Anaheim), so I’m pretty proud and ecstatic about it.