Monthly Archives: February 2009

WTF Dat’s at a museum

Me and my girl went to visit Honor Fraser museum. I never go to any art museums. I just happen this one designer/artist is displaying his work in LA. I love his work but I know I can never afford it. He also has a clothing line too. The exhibit is free to the public. It’s really hard to find parking around that museum so good luck with that. I really enjoyed his exhibit. One day I will be able to afford some of his stuff.









Honor Fraser  (3100 837-0191

2622 South La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90034

Feb. 21- April 4, 2009

Korean Roach Coach

Went to try this well known Korean taco truck. There was a long wait when we got there. The taco trucks were really late. They were about an hour and a half late. The only cool thing about the wait is the people that were waiting with us. Meet a lot of nice people in line. The line moved pretty fast since there are two trucks. The food was pretty good.  You can visit there site . They move from place to place.

Easier said then done

Well, the recent project for the Eric’s car was a RBC intake manifold. He installed it before this shitty show he went too in Frisco. He still lost to a horrible looking TSX. I guess if you have friends that are judges you can win a show. Well he said it would be really easy to install. I let him do most of they work until he couldn’t handle it anymore. Shit didn’t fit and other shit had to moved and replaced. They didn’t give all the hoses need for the install. After all that was said and done it came out pretty nice. He said he can feel the difference. I guess all the headaches was worth it at the end.

Ice Cream Truck

Mister Cartoon’s ice cream truck. This is one crazy ice cream truck. I love the air brushing he did one this vehicle. He also does some really nice tattoos. Pretty sure I can’t afford to get a tattoo from him.