Monthly Archives: January 2009

Time to make the body stiffer

Another project at Double┬áD Garage. It was a cloudy day yesterday. Luckily it didn’t rain around our area. One of the projects was to install the Cusco side pillar bar. This product was pretty easy to install. Even though Eric didn’t do much. The other project of the day was a lot worse. I will post the other project up soon.

Gumbo is so good

Went to the Farmers Market in LA today. Went there to get a quick bite. I decide to eat at my favorite place there. I went to eat The Gumbo Pot. The food there is really good. I order then crawfish etouffee, sweet potato salad, and cornbread. It’s the best I have had since I visited New Orleans. There are many other great places to eat here if gumbo is not your thing. Can’t wait to go back.

The Gumbo Pot

6333 West Third Street #312

Los Angeles CA 90036

(323) 933-0358