Daily Archives: February 11, 2008

Hong Kong Rides


suby rear


This car is done by a shop called Crazy Racing. This suby has a lot of carbon fiber.

s2k f


s2k 2s2k 3s2k 4s2k 5s2k 6

This was a nice looking s2000 with the power amuse kit.350z

Nice looking 350z.


odd2odd3odd 4

This is one nice Honda Oddessey.



Cool looking Toyota Vitz.

type r

type r reartype 3type 4type r 5type 6

Clean white Civic type R.

boxy nissan

Not sure what kind of Nissan it is.


fit 2fit3

Cool looking Honda Fit with Mugen wheels.

Vietnamese Food is so good


You can order various types of seafood to eat on the beach. You can’t buy this type of crab in the U.S.

shrimp 1

This is a before shot of the shrimp.

shrimp 2

This is the after picture. This kind of shrimp in asia is really good.

snake wine

snake 2snake 3

Try if you dare.


These are just some of the great food there is to eat in vietnam.