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Places I visited in Vietnam

site one

This is the entrance to Suoi Tien. This place is huge. Didn’t have much time there. You would need atleast a whole day to walk this place.

site 2

This dragon is pretty huge.

site3site 4site 5site 6site 7site 8site 9n site 1n site 2

site 11

This was when we went to a island called Cat Ba.

site 12

Another shot from the island.

viet boat

This was our private boat that took us on a tour around H Long Bay.

view 2

view 1view 3view 4

These are a couple shots from the boat on H Long Bay.


The tour takes you to different mountains around H Long Bay. This is a shot from inside one of the mountains.

sea food

This is one of many house boats that sell fresh sea food on H Long Bay. There is a chef on each boat so you can get your seafood cooked for lunch.

Vacation at Vietnam and Hong Kong

Just got home couple days ago from my vacation. I went to Vietnam and Hong Kong with my family. My girlfriend and bro in law tagged along too. There were tons of new experiences in Vietnam. You had to be there to believe it. This was my second time in Hong Kong. Just as fun as I remember it. Just wait for my next vacation now.


Had to check if our carry on would fit onto the plane.

viet 2

Pay more and fly with Cathay Pacific.

viet 3

If your lucky you will get one of the newly remodeled planes. You get to select from tons of movies, tv shows, and even games. It helps you kill some time on the plane ride.  

viet 4

This was our ride for the first day of our trip. Other areas we used a van.

viet 5

Way to big for a group of 8. This driver also sucked.

viet 6

This is one of the few motorcycle gangs we saw in Vietnam.

viet 7

I’m rich bitch. This is about two million dongs. It’s only 125 dollars.

Yes, I’ve been lazy…

Dat’s been yelling at me for being lazy and not working on this blog so I guess I’ll retroactively post some stuff up.

This is what Judy got me for Christmas.  She texted me, “It is dark brown.”  Thanks, gotta rub it in since I’m color blind.


Judy’s Christmas Gift