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Why Eric needs to graduate…

I got this e-mail from my one of my good friends (and my old partner in crime): Neil Tiwari.

On 12/17/07, Neil Tiwari wrote:

Business class Jet Airways to Mumbai.
Seats recline fully allowing you to lie horizontally.
On the flight, I had 2 glasses of champagne (Dom Perignon) and 7
glasses of wine.

When are you going to graduate Eric and move up??

Why Eric Needs To Graduate

Why Eric Needs To Graduate

When it’s cold outside eat shabu

Time to eat shabu shabu when it gets cold in LA.  This shabu shabu restaraunt is in J-Town.  Just make sure you arrive early.

shabu 1

There is a sign up list before the restraunt is even open.


Not open yet. Alot of hungry people outside.

shabu 3

This is the large order of meat. It comes with vegetables and noodles. All the rice you can eat.

Shabu-Shau House

127 Japanese Village Plaza Mall Los Angeles CA 90012

Lunch 11:30-2:00 Dinner 5:30-9:30 

Miami: Day 2 – Jerry’s Diner… after HIN Miami’s Preparty @ Club Snatch

It is 4:30 AM local time and I need to be up by 9:00 AM so I’ll post just a few pictures from tonight. We hit Club Snatch somewhere in Miami Beach as it was hosting HIN Miami’s Preparty. After the party, it was straight to the hotel lob…. errr straight to Jerry’s Diner.

Damn, this girl can eattttttttt.

Elle Navarro


Jason Lee

Elle Navaro, the lovely deer-caught-in-headlights Misa Campo, and her sister.

What the hell?

Westwood & Diddy Riese!

After work, I met up “Notoriously-Late G.R.A.C.E.” at the Westwood Starbucks. While waiting for her, I decided to put my brand new Canon Digital Rebel XTi to good use.



Grace wanted ice cream so we went to Diddy Riese. For those who don’t know, Diddy Riese has some bomb ass ice cream sandwiches. If you’re ever in Westwood, you gotta try this shit. Basically, you chose two cookies (macadamia nut cookies!), a flavor of ice cream, Jose slaps it together, and voila, you got yourself an ice cream sandwich! Diddy Riese is like the “Six Dollar Ice Cream Sandwich” of ice cream sandwiches.

Diddy Riese

Grace going, “Argggghmmm.”

Diddy Riese


orange suby1

orange suby2

Team Orange Drift Subaru


Nice looking 350Z

R34 Skyline 

Skyline R34

Lexus GS black

VIP GS Lexus at the Falken booth

Lexus GS white

Another VIP GS Lexus at the Falken booth



Team orange’s drifting EVO

Team orange suby 1

team orange suby interior 2

team orange suby rear

Another team orange subaru


Seibon S2000

Lexus LS

Air Runner Lexus LS460