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Carnival Cruise Part 1

Went on a Cruise with the family Dec. 29 to Jan. 6 to Mexico.  We also had two Richards and one Cynthia join us on our cruise. This was the my first time cruising with Carnival Cruise. The people on Carnival exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t mind cruising with Carnival for my next cruise.

Chris and Tyler waiting for the shuttle to pick us up. That was one of the views that we saw before leaving San Diego. One thing  Carnival did wrong was that they didn’t seat us together. They sorta fixed the probably by the next night.  Of Course Tyler had to come visit the cool table.

Since we were on the ship for a couple days.  We had to find ways to entertain ourselves until the ship would dock.  Me and my dad sign up for ping pong tournament. Of Course I lost my match. I couldn’t believe my dad lost too. Cynthia and Richard were chilling in the jacuzzi for most of there day.  My fiancee  and sis  just lounged  by the pool to kill time.

Went to go watch Tyler play miniature golf.  Cynthia kissing her slot machine before the start of the tournament.   Chris also entered the tournament.  Too bad they both lost in the slot tournament.

Just taking some pictures before we head off to dinner.  As you can tell it was formal night.

The best part of formal night on a cruise is the food.  Our group ordered  twice as much as most tables.

Vegas Baby

Went to Vegas for the 4thof July on a last minute decision. Went with couple of friends on Friday morning. We had tons of fun. You always have fun when you go to Vegas. Did a lotof different things in Vegas. Check out how big that piece of corn is compared to a dime. That was the first time I ate at Samba Sushi. The food was okay but it was a good experience. We stayed at Ceasars Palace and we had a great view of the strip. Hopefully I have money to go to Sema this year.




What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas

Went to Vegas last weekend with my family. We had a great time there. We all stayed at the Trump. This is the fanciest hotel I ever stayed at. Now I want a TV in my restroom for my future house. We also ate at this great tasting Japanese restaurant. After the food the guys went to the strip club. We went to Sapphire Gentlemen’s club. It’s the Las Vegas biggest strip club. You should pre-party before you go there. The drinks are really expensive. Just a hint to the guys.






Went down under

I went to Australia for two week in December. I went to visit my grandma and family there. I had a great time there. There weren’t as much shopping as I like. My two cousins help me keep busy so I wasn’t to bored. They have trains in Australia so you don’t need a car to get to places.  They have tons of great food to eat in Australia. Our money was worth a lot more then before so that helped alot. For the guys make sure to visit the beaches. Tops are optional.


Time to fly. To bad the flight was delayed and we landed late too. The flight back was way better. I got 4 seats to myself. Just like flying vip.

These pictures are from Bondi beach. It a great place to visit. We just took the train and transfered onto a bus that take you to the beach. Hung out there with my cousins for couple hours.

This was the best shop I found in Australia. The workers were really helpful and friendly to talk to at Espionage. They had tons of great stuff to buy. I bought a pair of Nike Terminator “X-Ray” Lo. I also picked up couple shirt from Kiks Tyo. I haven’t found any of the shirt in the state. They had great selection of shirts at the shop. The shoe selection was the best I saw in Australia. They have two shops. Make sure to pay them a visit if your ever in Sydney.

Found this great Korean restraunt by accident. Just ran into this place when were hungry. Ate there with my cousin. The food was great. They don’t speak much english here. The food made up for it. Then when your done cross the street and shop at Espionage.


These are just a couple of the pictures that I took in Sydney Australia.


I went to Paris this month with my girlfriend.  I went to the Eiffel Tower to get something done. If you look at the pictures you will know what happened.  It was really cold and the line was really long. I’m just glad it didn’t rain. In Paris there were alot of things to keep you busy.  Just make sure you not there on a Sunday. Most of the shops are closed on Sunday.





































We went to Château de Versailles to visit Palace of Versailles. This castle was huge. It was getting some parts of it remodeled. It was in great shape for how old it was. Didn’t have time to go into the castle. You would’ve taken atleast a couple hours to walk around the whole place. Maybe I’ll get to go in next time I’m there.



















This area with the Arc de Triomphe was the only place open on Sunday. Not all the stores were open but alot were. My girlfriend was happy since Louis Vuitton was opened. As you can tell with how many bags she had at the end.











Shopping part of my NY trip

This part of the trip was really fun. We went to tons of shoe and colthing stores. I got to buy some stuff that I couldn’t get here in cali. Wish I had more money to buy all the stuff I saw. If I ever go back to NY for sure I’m stopping by these stores again.





This is the Niketown in NY. This Niketown has 4 floors. These pictures are from the forth floor. This are is called the Nike ID Studio. This is where they have a selection of shoes that you can customize yourself. These are the outside shots of the studio. You must make an appointment before you go or when you get there.


There is a nike employ that helps you with customizing your shoe. The hard part is picking all the color and special material they have.


This was the final product. I picked a nike dunk low to customize. They let you nake your shoe. They give you a special card with you shoe on it. Then you want 4 to 6 weeks for the shoe to come in the mail.




These are just some shots from inside the Nike ID studio. Tons of shoes and great ideas can be had from the displays. If I had more money I would’ve done more shoes.



Recon is a great store to shop for colthes and shoes. They drop customade shoe once in awhile. They don’t let you take pictures of the inside. I still got two shots.




This store Transit was a surprise for us. Tons of great stuff. You shop inside what looks like a subway car. They have tons of shoes. They also have a downstairs with even more shoes to choose from. I bought a pair of fusion J’s there.



Micheal K. was cool place to shop. They had these shoes on that were inside of boxes that rotated around the store on a track system. They had two floors to shop at. Ton of shoes to buy if you had the money.

New York City

These are just a couple pictures that I took at New York City. I went with my girlfriend for 4 days of shopping and eating out.

subway Sign

Just one of many of the subway signs. The NY subway sucks.

central park

cp2cp 3cp 4cp4cp 6

These are pictures of me and my girl at central park. This park is huge. If you don’t want to walk around the park. You can take a horse carriage ride.

hot dog

hd2hd 3hd4

Gray’s Papaya is the must eat hot dog place in NY.



I would never trust parking my car here. Lucky there are not earthquakes here.

fries 1

fries 2fries 3

Pommes fries is a different type of fries. There are tons of dipping sauces for the fries.

egg tarts

egg tart 2egg tart 3

We meet up with another couple in NY. We went to Chaintown to get some egg tarts. The egg tarts at this place we great.


view 2view 3

These are a couple shots from my hotel.



Not the greats site to see out your window. These are pictures of the world trade center. Hope it’s going to bigger and better then before.

lp 1


This is the famous Lombardi’s pizza. I thought the pizza was okay. I like the pizza at Ray’s pizza more.

love wall

love wall2love wall3

This is a picture of the us and the love wall.



This is pictures from Time Square. One of the places you have to visit if your in NY.

Other things I did in HK

I love going to Hong Kong. I went this time with my girlfriend and my family. It was fun as usual. We were there for 3 days. That is not enough time for Hong Kong. I can’t wait to go back.

flower market

This is a picture of the Flower Market. It’s just a good place to shop for different stuff from HK.

bag n

bag n 2

bag n menubag n 3bag n 4bag n 5

This is one of  my favorite places to eat at in HK. It’s really good and cheap.

a bros


One of many great shops we found in HK.

bape 4

bape 2

bape 3bape inbape in 2bape in 3bape outsidebape shoesbape shoes 2bape shoes 3

This is the Bathing Ape store. There is only one Bathing Ape store in the U.S. That store is located in NY. I The store is really nicely done inside. Most of the colthes inside was sold out. I only had a chance to buy the shoes. I snuck a couple shots inside the store. Pictues are not allowed inside. Can’t wait to see the NY Bathing Ape store.


They have tons of Louis Vuitton stores here. This was a shot from outside one of the stores.

Hong Kong Rides


suby rear


This car is done by a shop called Crazy Racing. This suby has a lot of carbon fiber.

s2k f


s2k 2s2k 3s2k 4s2k 5s2k 6

This was a nice looking s2000 with the power amuse kit.350z

Nice looking 350z.


odd2odd3odd 4

This is one nice Honda Oddessey.



Cool looking Toyota Vitz.

type r

type r reartype 3type 4type r 5type 6

Clean white Civic type R.

boxy nissan

Not sure what kind of Nissan it is.


fit 2fit3

Cool looking Honda Fit with Mugen wheels.