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Rev Speed MOD Coverage

Our Jason MacGill made Rev Speed’s MOD (Mitsubishi Owners Day) coverage with all 3 of his cars: Greddy Eclipse and Tomei Powered Ralliart and Evo.  For those who don’t know what Rev Speed is, it’s a pretty well known and popular Japanese monthly car magazine.  You can find them at your local Japanese bookstore (Kinokuniya).  Very special you to Tomei Powered in organizing this for Jason.

Racing Pedigree

This is Toda Racing’s TR-FX01 engine. It is an 2.0L original design engine by Toda for Formula 3 racing. If you look closely, it’s also running Fightex suspension.

Pretty amazing that I can say my Toda header, ITBs, Fightex coilovers, etc… come from Formula (and GT) racing pedigree.

JDM Store

Caught this on Kiet Kong’s (of Team Emotion) Facebook. This is why I hang with Evo owners and not Honda owners.  I can’t deal with Honda owners anymore.   There is still a handful of Honda owners out there holding it down by buying real JDM parts (and most importantly, quality parts) and mad props to you.

Top Secret Quick Release

I helped my buddy, Kelvin, aka “Baldy”, source this Top Secret Quick Release.  He owns the flat black DoLuck Evo with Top Secret Gold TE37s.  This will complement his Top Secret catalog on his car very nicely!

If you need help sourcing Top Secret products or any other rare parts, please feel free to contact me at  Thanks!

ASI Ferrari F430

At Remix today, I was very excited in “debuting” and incorporating Mastermind’s ASI Ferrari F430 in the Double D Garage lineup. For those unfamiliar with ASI, they are a JDM luxury tuner, specializing in Ferraris and Bentleys.

JDM kit, matte black, upgraded brakes: exactly what I would do to a performance JDM Euro.

ASI Scuderia stripes.

Upgraded brakes!

ASI exhaust.

If you’re interested in ASI parts, please drop a line to and I’d be happy to refer you to Mastermind.