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Test Fitting

I’ve been super busy studying, reading, and applying for new jobs. When I mean studying and reading, it’s not for school; I’m just trying to pick up more skills that are really attractive for future employers. Anyways, just in case I pick up a new job and/or move to Silicon Valley to NYC, I should probably try to get my car running before that happens. I’ve been lagging on putting everything together so here’s a quick picture of the test fit of the surge tank.


As you guys probably have noticed, I haven’t really been active these days. Focusing on work, living healthier, and traveling have become much more important to me than spending money on my car. In January, I went on my first real vacation: I spent two nights in Miami, followed by a 7 day cruise in the western Caribbean. I had a lot of time to think on my vacation and I realized my priorities in life needed to be changed or have been changing.

Anyways, I still need to get my car fixed. Ever since I got my ITBs installed, the drive-ability and street-ability have been below my expectations. Sure, for street driving, the car gets me around. However, being a perfectionist, I don’t feel confident running my setup and tune on the track.

I finally got around to pick up an AEM standalone, wideband, and MAP sensor from Bisimoto. A big thank you to my buddy, Robert at Falken Tire, for connecting me with Bisimoto. And thank you to Julio and Bisimoto for hooking it up. I’m hoping to get everything installed and tuned in a month or so. Hopefully, I can get out to the track by the summer!

Last Mod…

A week or two ago, these came into Toda Racing USA. I wasn’t actually going to pick these up today but I was in the neighborhood of Toda Racing USA so I stopped by.  Big thanks to Ali at Toda Racing USA for all the technical support with this!

When looking at these ITBs, I feel nostalgic.  It reminds me of the early days of owning my RSX.  It reminds me when I first discovered HyperRev.  Back then, I really didn’t think I would get ITBs because I didn’t think my build would progress this far. But here I am now, finally picking up my last mod which was one of the first mods that I wanted to get.



From the very beginning of owning my RSX, Toda Racing has been one of my favorite racing companies. Not many Honda tuning shops can claim their research, development, and products are used in Formula and Super GT racing. Many legendary Honda tuning shops (such as J’s Racing, M&M Honda, ASM Autobacs) use or outsource to Toda. In addition to supplying Honda and Ferrari race engines, Toda also manufactures their own original Formula race engine.

Over the years of owning my RSX, I’ve slowly purchased a handful of Toda products. I recently had my Toda cams, valve springs, and timing chain tensioner installed and tuned by Church Automotive. Church Automotive is Toda Racing USA’s and Hondata’s preferred dyno tuning shop. Here are some pictures of what happened.

Toda Racing Resume:
* Toda A3 Camshafts
* Toda Valve Springs
* Toda Timing Chain Tensioner
* Toda Baffled Oil Pan
* Toda Header
* Toda Exhaust
* Toda Lightened Flywheel
* Toda Fightex Type DA Coilovers (prepped, aligned, corner balanced at West End Alignment)

On the lift at Church Automotive.

Toda valve springs installed! Also threw in new valve seals for some 100,000 mile maintenance.

Toda Racing Japan & USA authorized custom gold graphics for my car only. Toda Racing’s attorneys are very strict with licensing and trademarks.

Thought it was a cool looking shot with the rotors spinning.

254.3 horsepower, 177.1 torque

The drivability, torque delivery, and incredibly smooth power curve is what makes the Toda A3 setup absolutely amazing. It’s still relatively quiet (for the streets) but has now substantially more umph from any RPM.

Very special thanks to Ali at Toda Racing USA for his above and beyond customer service!

And big thank you to Falken Tire for letting me rip around on my new cams with one of the best street tires available, Azenis RT-615Ks!

West End Alignment

It’s been a few weeks since I posted consistently.  I been super busy with life, going out, and partying for my birthday.  Anyways, I finally got my new (but used) Toda Fightex Type DA coilovers and adjustable tie rods installed on my car.  Also got around to getting it aligned and corner balanced by Darin (and his son, Chris) at West End.

I’ve always had “bad luck” working on my car.  For example, when I bought my Fightex, one of the coilovers was bent.  When I was installing the adjustable tie rods (which was meant to be installed with the entire steering rack out of my car), the stud threaded in with so much friction that it heated up the entire tie rod.  And of course, when Darin was finally finished doing my alignment and corner balance, he said, “Your car is in the top 1% of longest alignments and corner balances I have ever done.  Your car is just a challenge to work on but I think we already know that.”  My alignment and corner balance took 4.5 hours and I was sitting in my Bride seat the entire time.  I was trying to readjust my butt cheek ever few minutes but I was so cramped.

I absolutely love my new coilovers.  I’m by far a suspension guru but I can notice a difference in traction and ride comfort with the Fightex.

1.)  With my old coilovers (Apex’i N1 Type-V), I would “catch air” over bumps.  You know when you floor your car over a shitty road and you can’t get traction?  Well, with the Fightex, I can get traction.  I’m not sure how to describe this in technical suspension terms except the Fightex “responds” faster to bumps.  By responding faster to bumps and sticking to the ground, it allows you to grip.  As a result of this, the Fightex is much easier (and pleasurable) to drive because you can focus on driving and not, “Oh shit, I’m in the air and I have no traction!”

2.)  Even with stiffer spring rates (compared to my Apex’i), the Fightex rides wayyyy better.  My Apex’i were border lining “can’t-take-a-date-out-in-this car”.  The Fightex rides so much better that I’m sure my date wouldn’t be complaining at all!

3.)  For some reason, I get a ton of cabin noise with my Apex’i.  I figured the creaking noise was because of my roll bar, sway bars, etc…  Apparently, it was the Apex’i coilovers that were causing it because I don’t have that noise anymore!  You don’t realize how many times I’ve had to explain to a girl why my car is not falling apart.

But yeah, I can’t wait to take these to the track because the Fightex is so much easier to drive on.  I can focus more on my lines and less on manhandling the car to where I want it to go.