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Platinum Motorsports Veilside Continental GT

Spotted this matte black Premier 4509 Continental GT from Platinum Motorsports at a SEMA 2009 concourse. For those unfamiliar, Platinum Motorsports is a luxury and exotic tuning shop that caters towards the rich and famous in Los Angeles. They’re based in this tiny shop on Melrose Blvd. And also for those unfamiliar, Premier 4509 is Veilside’s luxury and exotic aero division. I really like Premier 4509′s kits for the Aston Martin.

Orion Sports Evo

Right before 2009 SEMA, I came down with a cold and mean sore throat (I could barely swallow without wincing) yet I was still determined to make SEMA.  Anyways, the owner of this Evo was trying to chat with me, explaining his pride and joy.  However, I was just trying to get away from him as politely as I could because I was dying and wanted to walk the show as quickly as possible.  Thought that was kinda funny.

AQ Motorsports / Harman Motive STI

SpoCom 2009 is when I first spotted the AQ Motorsports / Harman Motive STI.  After SpoCom, Performance Auto and Sound grabbed a handful of us (Jason w/ the Tomei Evo X, my car, this Subbie, and a handful of other cars) for a quick shoot in a parking lot behind the Long Beach Convention Center.  This car is loud as FAWK!  I also remembered asking JC what “m/P*T” meant and he didn’t even really know, lol.

Here is what it looked like at SEMA 2009.

Well, here is what this Subbie looks like now at this past RPM show.

NACA ducts.

Fire suppression.

AEM standalone.

Some crazy Ground Control camber/caster plate.

Stoptech monoblock trophy brakes.

SamcoSport SEMA 2009 Evo X

When I was passing by the SamcoSport booth at SEMA 2009, I was expecting to see one of Ferdie’s Subarus there.  However, this Evo X from AutoConcept greeted me.

Rocking one of JDM Ego’s favorite brands: Voltex.  Thought it was a bit ironic to represent JDM Ego while sponsored by Seibon.  Seibon pretty much single handedly counterfeited (and effectively destroyed) the JDM carbon fiber hood market in the United States.

Limited edition Bride Japan seats.  They are one of the few Bride seats that are made out of suede.  The only other car that I have seen rock these are Shaun’s HKS Kansai Evo.

Limited edition Bride kimono-material seats.  I’ve never seen these seats in person.

Can’t go wrong with Project Mu with SSR, wrapped in Advans.

The entire SamcoSport and ARC catalog.  This is probably one of the first Evo X that I’ve seen that is rocking the ARC catalog.