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Test Fitting

I’ve been super busy studying, reading, and applying for new jobs. When I mean studying and reading, it’s not for school; I’m just trying to pick up more skills that are really attractive for future employers. Anyways, just in case I pick up a new job and/or move to Silicon Valley to NYC, I should probably try to get my car running before that happens. I’ve been lagging on putting everything together so here’s a quick picture of the test fit of the surge tank.


As you guys probably have noticed, I haven’t really been active these days. Focusing on work, living healthier, and traveling have become much more important to me than spending money on my car. In January, I went on my first real vacation: I spent two nights in Miami, followed by a 7 day cruise in the western Caribbean. I had a lot of time to think on my vacation and I realized my priorities in life needed to be changed or have been changing.

Anyways, I still need to get my car fixed. Ever since I got my ITBs installed, the drive-ability and street-ability have been below my expectations. Sure, for street driving, the car gets me around. However, being a perfectionist, I don’t feel confident running my setup and tune on the track.

I finally got around to pick up an AEM standalone, wideband, and MAP sensor from Bisimoto. A big thank you to my buddy, Robert at Falken Tire, for connecting me with Bisimoto. And thank you to Julio and Bisimoto for hooking it up. I’m hoping to get everything installed and tuned in a month or so. Hopefully, I can get out to the track by the summer!

San Jose

This past weekend, I drove up to San Jose (Santa Clara, to be specific) to visit a friend.  It was a 5 hours, 340 miles drive.  Overall, it was a pretty awesome drive.  I took the Interstate 5 to the State Route 152 to US Route 101.  The 152 was an amazing scenic drive, especially next to the San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area.  On the 5, I opened up the throttle quite a bit.  Of course, I slowed down anywhere the California Highway Patrol would possibly camp out behind.  With the Toda camshafts, individual throttle bodies, and short gearing, it’s just a pleasure to drive.  For a naturally aspirated Honda, it’s a lot of power to play with on the open highway.  In Central California, I hit moderate amounts of rain.  My Falken RT-615Ks held up great in the rain; I was driving and passing people at 80+ MPH without any wheel spin or hydroplaning.  Oh, and I got 23 MPG on the highway.

For those curious how I dealt with exposed ITBs and hydrolocking, Kelvin and Charles hooked up some Tracwrap.  The best way to describe Tracwrap is that it’s a easy-to-apply and removable clearbra that comes in a roll.  I applied it over my C-West hood vents.  After 700 miles of highway driving, speeds excess of triple digits, and couple hours of rain, my Tracwrap was still 100% adhesive to my hood, kept my engine bay 100% waterproof, and was easily removed without lifting clearcoat.  I know the point of Tracwrap isn’t to cover hood vents but to prevent rock chips on the racetrack.  If Tracwrap can cover a vent under these extreme conditions, it can protect your bumper from rock chips.

Here’s a few pictures of my car, Thadya’s Integra, and David’s Prelude.  A big thank you for their hospitality!  For those curious why the photos were taken in a storage facility, it’s because I rented one to park my car for the weekend.

If you look closely in this picture, I really need an oil catch can.  I have blow-by spewing everywhere.  Right before this picture was taken, I actually wiped some of it off.

My friend took me to Santana Row in San Jose.  The ghetto/hood is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear Santana Row.  In reality, it’s an upscale outdoor mall.  Snapped a few pictures of Tesla and their store there.

On Saturday, we went up to San Francisco and explored.  We decided to try out the House of Prime Rib.  Since we didn’t have any reservation, it was 2-3 hour wait.  We found a highly rated coffee shop, Contraband, around the corner and killed time there.

After a 2.5 hour wait, we came back to this.

It was a pretty epic dinner.  Danced it all off at Ruby Skye, left the club at 3am, and got back home at 4am.  Awesome trip to NorCal!  Can’t wait for round #2!

Falken Tire – RWB Pandora One

Dat and I have been pretty crazy busy with life and haven’t updated the blog much.  Anyways, I went to SEMA this year and snapped a handful of pictures of Rauh Welt’s Porsche at the Falken Tire booth.

When a buddy mentioned to me that Rauh Welt was bringing a Porsche, I assumed they were bringing one over from Japan.  I didn’t realize that Rauh Welt actually set up a shop in the States.  I’ve always dreamed of sending a Porsche back to Japan to be worked on by Rauh Welt.  Of course, because of the logistics, it would be financially impossible for me.  At least with Rauh Welt USA, I can just drive my future Porsche, which I don’t have, up to Northern California and drop it off, along with couple bags of cash, which I don’t have.

Ok, these looks like a creeper shot but I swear I was already sitting on the ground trying to take these photos before a Falken model got into the picture.

Nakai-san himself did all the body work on this first US Rauh Welt Porsche, including painting of these accents.

My buddy, Robert from Falken, said I could sleep in this car.  Broke my heart when he told me he was kidding. :\


Attention Whores

I needed to meet up with Ali at Toda Racing USA and decided to also make a Cars and Coffee trip. Was pretty stoked to see our imports get a lot of love from the crowd throughout the entire morning.

Aside from my ITBs and Baldy’s turbo, a lot of people were very interested in our wheels/tires/brakes setup.

Pretty proud to see our imports to get a lot of positive attention in a meet catered towards classics, exotics, and rare cars.  The reason I say that is because there’s always a handful of stock imports (or poorly modified) at Cars and Coffee; they shouldn’t be parked in the exhibitors’ lot because they don’t get any attention at all.

A few more pictures…

Modified Magazine finally released an online copy of my feature. For awhile, I couldn’t repost any of the original JPEG (opposed to scanned images) because of the usual exclusivity agreement. Anyways, here they are!

This picture wasn’t part of the Modified shoot but was taken by my buddy, William, of Night-Import.  Figured some of the guys would appreciate this. :)

Rev Speed MOD Coverage

Our Jason MacGill made Rev Speed’s MOD (Mitsubishi Owners Day) coverage with all 3 of his cars: Greddy Eclipse and Tomei Powered Ralliart and Evo.  For those who don’t know what Rev Speed is, it’s a pretty well known and popular Japanese monthly car magazine.  You can find them at your local Japanese bookstore (Kinokuniya).  Very special you to Tomei Powered in organizing this for Jason.

Hardparked: Toda vs. HKS

It’s kinda scary how similar our builds are.  For example, we’re both gold wheels on black cars.  My old wheels were Volk LE37s; Kelvin’s old wheels were Advan RG2s.  We both have C-West hoods, ARC cooling, OMP steering wheels, Bride seats, and giant wings.  The main difference is that he’s boosted and I’m all motor.