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A few more pictures…

Modified Magazine finally released an online copy of my feature. For awhile, I couldn’t repost any of the original JPEG (opposed to scanned images) because of the usual exclusivity agreement. Anyways, here they are!

This picture wasn’t part of the Modified shoot but was taken by my buddy, William, of Night-Import.  Figured some of the guys would appreciate this. :)

Rev Speed MOD Coverage

Our Jason MacGill made Rev Speed’s MOD (Mitsubishi Owners Day) coverage with all 3 of his cars: Greddy Eclipse and Tomei Powered Ralliart and Evo.  For those who don’t know what Rev Speed is, it’s a pretty well known and popular Japanese monthly car magazine.  You can find them at your local Japanese bookstore (Kinokuniya).  Very special you to Tomei Powered in organizing this for Jason.

Hardparked: Toda vs. HKS

It’s kinda scary how similar our builds are.  For example, we’re both gold wheels on black cars.  My old wheels were Volk LE37s; Kelvin’s old wheels were Advan RG2s.  We both have C-West hoods, ARC cooling, OMP steering wheels, Bride seats, and giant wings.  The main difference is that he’s boosted and I’m all motor.

Motion: Part 1

Well, this is more of a “few shots of my car and the Falken Tire booth” than a “Part 1″.  You’ll have to excuse the sub-par picture quality of my Motion coverage.  My Canon XTi has a max ISO of 1600, which isn’t sufficient for the indoor lighting and also results in extremely grainy pictures.  Some of the pictures were shot with a 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens but the XTi’s limitation resulted in grain and motion blur.  For the non-photographers, it basically means my camera sucks and I need a better one, LOL!  Moving on…

Here’s my obligatory few paragraphs on Double D Garage and friends’ awards at Motion.  For Motion’s “inaugural” (and seemingly very successful) show, I was very honored in taking 2nd place Acura.  When I say “inaugural”, it’s because the original Spocom staff split from their original management, Pro-Motion Distributing.  The original Spocom staff continued Spocom with their Anaheim venue couple weeks ago.  The original management, Pro-Mo, continued the venue as the Motion Auto Show.  Anyways, here’s a list of Double D Garage’s winners and friends.

2nd Place Acura: Falken Tire’s (me) DC5
Best Mitsubishi: Kelvin’s DoLuck Evo
Best JDM: Kelvin’s DoLuck Evo
3rd Place Nissan: Peter and Theresa’s LS1 S14
Best VIP: JonJon’s IS350

A big congratulations to Autofashion and Peter’s new “team”, 1Up, for a successful sweep of many trophies.  I’m a tad bit surprised 1Up didn’t take a team trophy because it was pretty clear (even to the MC) that they took home a ton of trophies.

Carrying on and at last year’s Spocom, you guys might remember I was a booth car for Falken.  A week ago or so, Falken invited me again to be a booth car for Motion.  I felt pretty honored and stoked about this opportunity because I imagined vendors, in general, would want a “new and fresh” booth car.

Here’s a picture of my car and the Falken booth.  I think the Falken booth had the best spot of the show.  Between having the best spot, models, and critically acclaimed Hondas, I got a ton of exposure and attention that would have been impossible anywhere else in the show.  A big thank you to Bakari and Brian for making this happen for me!

Before I forget, I also want to thank Pro-Mo’s Paul Nguyen for taking care of Double D Garage’s press passes.  For someone that was running around and probably stressed, I really appreciated his effort in insuring everything went according to plan with my car and maintaining exemplary customer service.  Paul, I know you probably won’t read this but just wanted to put it out there!

Last Nisei… for me

Another Nisei Week Showoff has come and gone again.  DD Garage showed with Jason’s Eclipse and Ralliart, Charles’ Monster Sport Evo, Scott and Kerryann’s Fontana Nissan GT-R and Sentra, Pat’s E46 M3, and Joseph’s Mini.  Scott hasn’t showed with us for awhile (since ’09 Spocom with his Robispec STI) so I was pretty stoked to see and showoff couple of their race cars.  I know it was a lot of work to get those cars trailered down from Fontana so a big thank you to Scott and Kerryann for coming down.

Short of the Fontana’s full race cars, we had a pretty good win ratio: all of us placed, except for Jason’s Ralliart.  Technically, all of us placed because one of Jason’s two cars placed.  Here’s an obligatory list of winners from DD Garage and friends:

Mitsubishi Class – 1st Place: Charles’ Monster Sport Evo

Mitsubishi Class – 2nd Place: Jason’s Greddy Eclipse

Euro Class – Showoff: Pat’s E46 M3

Euro Class – 2nd Place: Joseph’s Mini

Acura Class – 1st Place: My Falken/Toda RSX

I was pretty excited to win 1st Place Acura again.  Unlike other classes, I don’t believe there was a trophy for Acura Showoff; so 1st Place Acura was effectively Best Acura.  I had heavy competition, who really brought their A-game.  When you win against heavy competition, the honor is much more sweeter; this is opposed to winning by default because you were the only Acura there.  Competition in other classes was a lot lighter this year because a bulk of the major teams and crews was missing this year.  Attendance has been dwindling over the years.  That doesn’t matter to me too much since I’m just there to eat good sushi and kick it with the DD Garage, 626, and 1-Up homies.  However, I’m sure it sucks for Scott and Fontana Nissan and other vendors because they’re out there for exposure.

Here’s a picture of a drunk Monster Sport Charles, Fontana Nissan Scott, and Tomei Jason.

I figured after winning 1st Place Acura twice and DD Garage sweeping Mitsubishi class, it’s probably a good time for us (or at least, me) to retire from Nisei.  DD Garage has always done Nisei as a tradition since we were with Hybrid but I’m getting too old and burnt to do outdoor shows now.  Speaking of DD Garage sweeping Mitsubishi class, I want to congratulate some of our friends that also placed.

Mitsubishi Class – Showoff: Kelvin’s DoLuck Evo

Nissan Class – 3rd Place: Peter and Theresa’s LS1ed Silvia

I’m really stoked to see Kelvin win.  DD Garage has been closely following his build and we’re really happy how the car is turning out.  It’s by far the sickest (and different, in a good way) car at Nisei.  One of DD Garage’s unwritten ethos has been setting and raising the bar on functionality and quality.  While the form of a car is important, I, personally, find it difficult to appreciate builds that sacrifice safety, handling, and performance in order to be stylish.  I’m really glad to see see Kelvin’s Evo setting and raising that standard on functionality and quality but also having the baddest looking car at a show.

Enough of my ramblings and here are some random pictures I took.

Mikee doing an upskirt shot…

I really liked Dara’s S2000.  It wasn’t just because I was researching how he hooked up his MAP and idle control valve, he’s also rocking a just released ASM front bumper, ASM Recaros, and Toda ITBs.

Toda Racing ITBs with M&M Honda vacuum blocks and idle control valve attachment.  I’ve always been a big fan of M&M Honda so I was pretty excited to see some of their products.

The vacuum blocks allow the MAP sensor to read from all the throttle bodies (opposed to just one).  It also allows for attachment of the idle control valve.  According to Dara, the car idles and runs perfect.

Kelvin, getting judged by Amy of HKS USA.

Paparazzi shot of Steve of Cusco USA.

The DD Garage lineup…

Here’s a much better engine bay shot by William from Night-Import.  I want to thank William for always showing love to my car at all the random events I take my car to.  William might be new to the scene but he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met and one of the least egotistical.  I think more people need to learn to be like him because you’ll get much further in the real world being him than being an asshole or a douchebag.  A year ago, he launched Night-Import.  Now, he has 16,000 followers on Facebook.  I’m venturing a guess that print doesn’t even see that type of growth.

Scott and Fontana Nissan.

Our usual Tomei, Lot USA, and Monster Sport staples.

Jason’s Eclipse.  This is one of my favorite cars.  Ten years ago, this was Greddy’s prototype platform.  Now, it sits at Mitsubishi Motors North America’s showroom and only ventures out to MOD (Mitsubishi Owners Day) and to the occasional Nisei.  I’m really going to miss this car as it heads back to Mitsubishi HQ in Cypress.

GREX Alcon.

Greddy everything.

One thing I love about Greddy products that has been often overlooked: CARB legal.

Turbo upgrade.

Pat’s E46 M3.  I first met Pat at Import Showoff’s ’09 JDM vs. DTM.  Pat was very gracious in allowing us to crash underneath his EZ-Up.  We’ve kept in touch since and really glad to have him in our lineup.

This is it from me for Nisei.  With all the major crews missing, I wished there was more that caught my eye.  Anyways, I bid Nisei a fond farewell.

’11 Spocom

It really didn’t seem that long ago when I showed at the first Spocom.  Time just flies.  Anyways, I was pretty stoked to win both Best Acura and 3rd Place JDM.  I would have been pretty pleased to place at Spocom let alone win two trophies.

I didn’t take that much coverage pictures because I was lazy and my Canon was being temperamental.  Before we start with the pictures, I just want to shout out to our buddies at Autofashion.  We’ve showed with AutoFashion a handful of times and it has always been a pleasure!  I also want to thank Ali from Toda Racing USA, Church Automotive, and Hondata for helping me with my new engine setup that I debuted.  Here is a list of winners that includes DD Garage and friends.

Best Acura: DD Garage’s (me) DC5
2nd Place Honda: Big Mike’s Prelude
Best Mitsubishi: Kelvin’s (aka “Baldy”) Evo
2nd Place Nissan: Peter & Theresa’s LS1 S14
Best VIP: JonJon’s IS350
2nd VIP: AutoFashion
3rd VIP: AutoFashion
D-Sport Editor’s Choice: Charles’ S2000
2nd Place JDM: Baldy’s Evo
3rd Place JDM: DD Garage’s DC5

Everything Else: Our friends at AutoConcept Elite, lol.

This old school Honda Z600 is one of my favorite cars of the show.  I believe it won Best Old School.  It was rocking 10″ old school Volks.

Mr. and Mrs. Fontana Nissan at the MotoIQ booth.

Gangsta Original Brian from ACE.

SoCalEvo moderators with their Canons.

Big Mike and JonJon running the train on Baldy.  Jackson with his Varrstoen tramp stamp.

I believe her name is Tina Lee.  She shares a striking resemblance to Theresa.

Theresa and her long lost twin.

Baldy’s new Baller Bolts: titanium bolts with washers.  I believe these are prototype and only exist on Baldy’s car.

The new Toda setup.


Jason’s Ralliart in Modified

Starting with Peter and Theresa’s feature, Double D Garage and our friends are getting a lot of print coverage.  Just spotted Jason’s Ralliart in the Need for Speed: Shift 2 meet coverage in this month’s Modified Magazine.  As you guys probably know, a handful of us from Double D Garage (Jason’s Ralliart, Peter and Theresa’s Silvia, Baldy’s Evo) and our friends at Mastermind helped represent some of the top cars in the scene.  Pretty stoked to see Jason’s Ralliart to get some love in this printed coverage.

Double D Garage would like to thank Tomei Powered USA and Mitsubishi Motors North America for their continued support of Jason!  Seriously, how lucky can someone get?  Mitsubishi North America sponsored Jason with a pre-production Ralliart (equipped with an official manufacturer, not just a dealer, license plate), and sporting parts with one of the finest engine specialist!